Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Humble Beginning!

Its 11:10 pm, Tuesday night. I am creating a blog! I try to think of a title and come up with a seemingly bizarre one: Random thoughts of a chaotic being. Long long years ago, I prized the conviction of "simple living and high thinking", but title of that kind would be at best boring:). In any case over time, I discovered that I am neither structured to be simple and orderly nor ready to indulge completely in high thinking. I romance with chaos in my research, and experience it continuously in my heart and head. It might seem that random thoughts of a chaotic being is a stylish way of saying that I have no control over my daily routine and habits, but trust me, there is a method to my madness.

If you can see through the mist and you associate fog with what it beautifully hides, if you have the eye for the complex beauty that lies within the turbulent, murky waters, if the uncertainities and arbitrariness of ideas and life is fascinating to you, you might have stumbled to the right blog. My blog is the place where you will find random ideas and emotions sculptured into an undefined article, difficult to describe, but worth looking at nevertheless.

Atleast I hope so! To say I have random thoughts, and I am a chaotic being, and then try to make predictions as to how this blog would evolve is unpardonable sin only a diehard optimist like me can commit!

All the best to readers and the "poster"!

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