Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Insomnia Owl and Bat!

Insomnia! Its past 3 am as always, I have left my bed after an hour of tossing and turning, engaged in randomest of thoughts.

I guess I am an owl! My eyes are not that big though, and I wear glasses! I do not hoot, unless I am forced to sing! I cannot even sing these days, because of cough my windpipe sounds like an untuned sexophone played by an untrained child!

"yahan har shaakh pe ullu baitha hai"

What I never understood was why in India Owl is "ullu", associated with stupidity, while in the west the same owl is considered wise. Maybe we Indians prize sleep too much, and consider it idiocy to be awake at these ungodly hours! Maybe there is no god, and if so, no hours are ungodly!

Its amazing that no wisdom or folly is associated with a bat. Bats are amazing creatures. Think about it! They have no vision, so they rely entirely on what they hear to see the world around them, and they sleep upside down. Man! What perspective would such an existence give you! Maybe Batman knows! Maybe he is an insomniac too!

I guess I will return into the covers, and let my laptop rest while my sleepless brain cells continue to culture unco-ordinated, irrelevant thoughts.

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