Wednesday, January 26, 2005

You must be a prism!

You must be a prism
Please, truly tell me
You must be a prism
Through you I see
Life is a rainbow
Spectrum of love n hope
In my simple life
Colors n warmth you evoke!

You must be a prism
Haven't I told you so
You must be a prism
Indeed you need to know
So pure and clear
So beautiful in symmetry
A joy to who can see
The manifold of your artistry!

PS: You must wonder at the choice of words:) As a matter of fact, the poem came about when I was reading a book on Optics! As you see, Physics and poetry are a dangerous mix!

(I had posted this on orkut earlier: I am skeptic of posting really good poetry here or for that matter anywhere on net. I prize my emotions and words, and cannot allow myself to make my sentences available for use or misuse by endless plagiarists! )

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