Friday, March 18, 2005

APS: March Madness, Los Angeles, Chaos, Upcoming Travel, etc.

The week was a frentic one at work, with too much to do in research, and my literary indulgences provided the required comic relief.

The weblog at sulekha garnered some good responses:

Poems (posted here as well, with different titles)
Loving an intelligent girl
Loving a bimbo

Short story:
Kalpit: A love story

India seems to be in good position in the Kolkotta test, and I hope we will not snatch a loss or a draw from the mouth of victory again!

The days before a conference are the most productive (and nutsy) for a graduate student like me. APS March meeting in Los Angeles (hence March Madness) begins on Sunday, March 20. I will be displaying my work on chaotic mixing on Monday and talking about Nanorod dynamics in centrifugation (governed by Brownian motion: Randomness) on Tuesday. So the week starts with chaos, diffuses into randomness, and after that should be fun! So my spring break would be dedicated to APS: In the year of Physics, that is perhaps most apt thing for a physicist to do anyways:)!

I hope to be back with a bang after the March Madness! HAPPY SPRING BREAK, Happy Holi, Happy Birthday, and Happy () : Pick whatever applies!

au revoir!

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