Wednesday, March 02, 2005

A cup of Tea - FIVE!

For all my friends who refuse the offers of tea
For in past years, the refusals have become calamity!

(Actually like all others, this poem needs revision: will do so later!)


Why do you decline a cup of tea,
Why settle for a life of depravity,
Why sin against the sweet syrup divine,
Why not savor the nectar of ecstasy!

What don't you like, if you don't know the taste
Quitted without even trying, oh! what a waste,
What reason or trauma purports your inhibition
Why incriminate tea, if in toto you aren't chaste!

What heavenly aromas daily escape your senses
What trifles you miss in your tea-time absences
What flavored waters never flowed in your veins
What elixirs could have glorified your performances!

Why must you have no excuse to sit, stare or stay
Why must a soft "no" always greet a tea's tray
Why must you be insocial, non-commital, stoic
Why cannot your head your heart's wishes obey?

Why refuse a few drops of trust, few sips of sweetness
Why not douse your sorrows in brewed bits of bitterness
Why not share the warmth of the fluid of amiability
Why not just bow and savor every cup of happiness!

A cup of tea, ah! Do listen to my entreaty
A cup of tea, ah! I will like you entirely
A cup of tea, ah! Its sounds so pretty
A cup of tea, ah! Just drink it for me!


stan laurel said...

Is this poem really about tea? or something else I am missing? Just wondering.


Vivek said...

As you will see in coming poems, a cup of tea contains enough "cultural and romantic underpinnings" for us Indians:). and declining a cup of tea kills many relationships even before they take place!

Vivek said...

from sulekha:

chayalife comments:
on Apr 4 2005 11:47PM delete this comment block this user
Oh Boy...
Am I too late for tea?? Hope the offer is till on. :-))))))
Got the comment just now.

Now that u say other comment on the apropos...poem makes no sense, does it??? :-(
And do not stop on account of lack of readership...we dont always write for an audience do we?? :-))


Vivek Sharma comments:
on Apr 2 2005 12:43PM delete this comment block this user
Why don't you drop by for a cup of tea?
I will make it myself, and I'll make it spicy!

In fact my response got so long that I posted it separately as apropos for the cup of tea poems!

chayalife comments:
on Apr 1 2005 8:35PM delete this comment block this user
no no no! A cup of tea! Now you try....

Sorry Vivek...I got me a great big mugga filter coffee....and its got me zinging around!! :-)))) Pardon my silliness...its so chayistic that Chay cant get rid of it...its her!! :-))

I was reminded of Prof. Higgins and Eliza and their tete-a-tete about a cup of tea!!

Yes...this was as relaxed as a cup of tea...tea certainly beckons... perhaps after my coffee...:-)) hmmm some masala chai would be nice...with bits of ginger and other spices...perfect on this rainy afternoon...

Go on...write some more!!