Wednesday, March 02, 2005

A cup of tea - Four!

(Poem in progress)

A cup of tea, for only ruppees three
Sold by a twelve year old illiterate fellow
A cheap alloy's kettle on a kerosene stove
A roofless shop, under the tree in a ghetto!

A cup of tea, what other drink there could be
To kill hunger and thirst, so cheaply, effectively
Brewed in boiling bitterness over brazen heat
Cup of contentment, always warm and sweet!

A cup of tea, linking disparate masses of humanity
The pluckers of leaf, in the nations of uncertainity
The gentlemen in suits, with shiny black boots
Shirtless, shoeless kids who deliver with dexterity!

A cup of tea, one for three, under the tree
Twenty ruppees a day earned for a family
For four bodies bare, four empty stomaches
Every cup sold brings smiles and half-lunches!


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