Tuesday, March 01, 2005

A cup of tea - THREE!

There's many a slip
Between a cup and a lip
For movements rash
End in spills and splash!

In dancing, deft hands
Sways a cup like wands
Her magic mesmerizes me
But fails against gravity!

In the puddles that form
Feelings murky and warm
Generate transient patterns of congeniality
That get wiped away with timid impetuosity!

And as she sips, from her leaky lips
Tea trembling with joy, jumps and trips
Maybe my words too, are sipped as her tea
And in spills and splashes, lose their intensity!

A cup of tea, so delightfully majestic
With drips and drops, becomes artistic
But for all her mess, and all her spills careless
She is the joy that fills my heart's dark abyss!

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Vivek said...

from sulekha:

miss_priyanka_gupta comments:
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Its amazing the way you put feelings in words.
Lucky she who is the inspiration for this!!


chayalife comments:
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Ok this by far is the best tea poem you've written so far!!! for some tea?? ;-))))

Chay (not chai da!)