Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Love across miles and other poems!

Once upon a time I thought was a great website, and posted poetry there. I reproduce those poems here. These were written atleast four to six years back:)

Love across miles

Emotions of a long-distance caller! Love transcends all distances!

Across thousand miles
I hear your breath
In overtones of emotion
Frequencies of intimacy.

Words flow and touch
Chords of familiarity
In signals and sounds
Harmony and ecstasy.

I wish I were
A vibration that could
Transmit to your heart
Happiness eternally.

September, 2001, Akron OH
Also published in IIT BRCA magazine in 2000, and a part of my novel in verse "A Poet gone cuckoo"

Memories are like motion pictures
Meters of negatives
Which relive past moments
On a two dimensional screen;

Memories are like motion pictures
Edited shots from yore
Montage, deep focus, close ups
Selected by momentary instinct:

Memories are like motion pictures
Visions of virtual space
Where you are a mute spectator
To what silver bromide can retrace.

Written in 1999, IIT Delhi!

How did she....

How did she
Who unknown to thee
For most of your life
Turn into your only
Reason for survival?

Why this emotion
Storming your soul, self
Charmed by a dream
Is running through your all
Breath, bone and blood?

What eyes seeIn that dusky flesh
And an unknown destiny
That enraptures thee
Into avowing, admiring, adoring
A mere carnal fantasy?

Written in March 2000!
Ferozepur, Panjab!


Inspired by the musical of same name,
a tribute to the dance-drama!

Motion, melody and moves
Set your mind free, footloose!!

Chance to celebrate your moods,
Dance to eternity, footloose!!

Make yourself what you choose,
Happiness, humor, footloose!!

Talent travels in shoes,
Swim, fly, footloose!!!

Music springs from keyboard,
Makes loud splashes
I am all wet you see
Drenched, drunk, footloose!!!

Poetry penned without rules:)
Rhyme, rhythm, footloose!!!!

Akron, OH, Fall 2001


Paragraphs Of Promiscuity!

Dreams you want me to write about,
Spread them like sheets on bed of paper,
And lie on them in every possible way,
Thrust through murmurs lust into love,
And talk touches tresspassing ususal sensations,
Fantasize, Sentence your passions with meaning,
Proselytize daily reality on dusk of verse,
And move through nights with thirst and quest,
Sneak into lives, ogle at every possibility,
To write, create paragraphs of promiscuity!

Again IIT Days, I think in 1999, part of "A Poet Gone Cuckoo"


Thousand trivialities punture my powerless soul,
And tissues split out in rebellion, tyrants they too,
All blame my emotions of arrogance and greed,
And fleece me of passions as I bleed,
A lump of past and a ghost of future,
Materialise into a sword of present severe,
And abstract each hope from my vision,
Silence growls in darkness that grows after each scission,
As I grope in illusions, illusions melt too,
Disappear into fissures draped in mud and blood
And when I try to sink, disappear into my shallow self
You call me renegade, coward, saying I have fled.

Another IIT Days, maybe 1999, part of A Poet Gone Cuckoo


Stand by me!

When darkness engulfs me,
And I can hardly see,
Darling! Take my hand,
Stand by me!

When world breaks apart
And becomes a misery
You keep holding my hand
Stand by me!

When I succeed in becoming
What I want to be
Triumphantly you raise my hand
Stand by me!


Walking Whispers

Whispers walk from dust to dawn
In the empty pulmonary spaces
Restless and relentless insomniacs
Seeking sense in cells of life

Written during those insomniac years in IIT again...
This might be from 1998!

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El enigma said...

Footloose it totally cool :)
and walking whispers rocks....
but 'How did she' has a spelling mistake,
which is the spelling of Punjab ;)