Friday, March 11, 2005

Reading in March: East, West; Leaf Storm; Agatha Christie; Riot, SONS and LOVERS

In just last ten days, I finished reading:

So Long and Thanks for all the fish by Douglas Adams: another one of his loony novels, full of humor that suits my fascination with "fun in science"!

And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie: A mystery novel that you can read at phenomenonal speed, limited only by the theory of relativity, and the inevitable blinking of eyes!

East, West by Salman Rushdie: A collection of stories, characterized by the usual erudite Rushdie. But these stories are more amenable to easy reading and more funny than any Rushdie writings that I have ever encountered. Leaving Shame and Fury, I think I have read it all! There was one particularly hilarious one about Columbus and Queen Isabella: worth a laugh riot!

Part one of SONS and LOVERS: Like Rushdie, DH Lawrence is my another favorite. He is easier reading though. Lawrence writes most beautifully about all kinds of human emotions. His attention to detail and his depth of feeling always blows me away. After Lady Chatterley's Love and Rainbow, Sons and Lovers confirms why Lawrence is an author of such repute!

About half of THE RIOT: by Shashi Tharoor. This is written in an unusual style, in form of interviews, newspaper reports and diary enteries. Still not done with it, but its fascinating so far!

Half of Leaf Storm by Gabriel Garcia Marquez: My journey into magical realism continues. Marquez is maestro to say the least!

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