Sunday, March 13, 2005

Why you ought to leave her?

She has no memory, she has no wits,
She always appears in such high spirits,
She struts elegantly in splendid shades,
Always candidly simpers during debates,
Sure, she has quite a remarkable bust,
All the more reason to arouse mistrust,
Surely among the prettiest of her tribe,
She possesses the weapons of your demise,
She seems to glow in your company,
And makes you feel smart and funny,
But all your ego boosting is in vain,
She never stepped into your thought train,
She flits like a butterfly. She always flirts,
Keeps all interested with the skimpiest skirts,
She often uses the word mundane for arcane,
And airthmetic short circuits her pea-sized brain,
She will forget you. Soon you will fade away!
No intense emotions in her, ever hold sway!
Its capital, its criminal, it is quite asinine
To pander, to procure such a pestial concubine
She will keep you and your life in chaos
Live not by the libidos, evoke your ethos
My friend, a stitch in time save nine,
Leave her now. It is about time.

PS: For a friend, who has parted with his reason to stray into death valley of a desire that is not worth pursuing in the first place!

Right now the inspiration comes from my reading of Sons and Lovers by DH Lawrence, for Williams falls for Gipsy who happens to be like the girl described above, and if I knew or befriended Williams, I would have advised him thus!

Also there is no resemblance to anyone living or dead (beyond accident or coincidence:)

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Vivek said...

from sulekha:

miss_priyanka_gupta comments:
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hi vivek

Hmm you are good with words, describing women and their brainshells:))

Your previous attempt to delienate intelligent woman is more difficult (I guess) & makes better reading.

You must write about the third category of women (mix of both & in ample numbers). Looking forward to it. Here we have a brave man who looks in for brain coef + boobs in for his lady love.:))


Vivek Sharma comments:
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DHL never ceases to amaze me. I will look out for Bergman and Bovary and other femme fatales:)! Perhaps I could write one about "the third kind", will do so as soon as I run into the right inspiration! Also I hope my singular existence will be terminated by someone who not only sweeps me off my feet but is likewise swept away by my entreaties:)!

vi comments:
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nice one :)

As good as the "Intelligent" one.
If I were a guy, I would go with the "intelligent girl"!
Yes, Sons and Lovers was one good read. Read it like a decade ago but still remeber this line....
"I can give you a spirit love, I have given it you this long..." ;`)

chayalife comments:
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What ho!! Did I hear the names - DHL, Bovary and Bergman all in the same space??? How did I miss this one!!

:-)))))) Vivek, yeah this was easier to write eh?? Truth is there is a wonderful fluidity to this poem...Easy read....but I loved the subject of the other one.

So yeah, as Bookie we get a third one? perhaps a combination....they do exist you know!! :-)))))


Soy Feliz comments:
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'Sons and Lovers' is a good read.

I liked the poem too... but more than the intelligent woman one..

Dina Strange comments:
on Mar 16 2005 12:46PM delete this comment block this user
lol seems to me that Vivek is destined to be single :)
hard to please, man lol

how about loving Dina? :P

Raja_Raja comments:
on Mar 16 2005 11:51AM delete this comment block this user
This poem of yours I must say is complete and I felt you could have done much better on the intelligent kind. I am glad you are going to go back at it.

A bimbo is as enigmatic as the intelligent girl and both can be "destructive". If I take the stereotype out, and since you mentioned DHL, I would have to mention two of my fav femme fatale-s: Madam Bovary and Liv Ullman of "Passion of Anna" (a swedish movie from Bergman). They were both intelligent (infact very) with large shades of bimbo-ness. Their passion for wordly love and life ultimately led to the destruction of their men. I hope that would be the third in the series.

Go after the girls pal.

shikari, thanks for your attention to my ramblings. Are you from balarama or twinkle?

Shikari Shambu comments:
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Very nice again. Now waiting for Raja_raja's comment. ;-)

Bookworm33 comments:
on Mar 16 2005 10:45AM delete this comment block this user

aha!! am I wrong in assuming there is going to be a part 3?
Now am waiting for that one....