Saturday, April 16, 2005

Faiz Poem: Yeh mujhe azeez bhi aur napasand bhi from 99.9 FM

I am working on the translation: SO WAIT FOR IT TO BE COMPLETED BEFORE COMMENTING:)!
I copied most of the lyrics, except for a few missing sentences (see question marks)
Feel free to send me those (or their meaning:)@!!)
Except for last two stanzas, rest of the translation is "doable": I might seek help from the masters of the language to translate those: if you can, do send me your inputs!


Thahar gayee aasmaan ki nadiya
Woh jaa lagi hai ufak kinare
Udaas rangon ki chaand naiyaa
Utar gaye sahil e zamin par sabhi khiwaiya
Tamaam Taare

Ukhar gayee saans pattiyon ki
Chali gayee ungh mein hawayein
Gazar baja hukam e khamoshi ka
Toe chupp mein gum ho gayee sadayein

sahar ki gori ki chatiyon se
Dhadhak gayee teekgari ki chaadar
Aur iss bajaye bhikhar gaye
Iskay tan badan par
Niraas tanhaiyon ke saaye

Aur issko kuch bhi khabar nahin hai
Kissi ko kuch bhi khabar nahin hai
Ke din dhalay shahar se nikal kar
Kidhar ko jaane ka rukh kiya tha

Na koi jaaga na koi manzil
Kissi musafir ko ab dimagay safar nahin hai
Yeh waqt zanzeer-e-rozon ki koi tooti hui kadi hai
Yeh matim-e-waqt ki ghadi hai!

Yeh waqt aaye toe be-iraada
Kabhi kabhi mein bhi dekhta hun
Utaar kar jaat ka libaada
Kahin syahi malaamaton ki
kahin pe gul-bootay ulfaton ki

Kahin pe lakeeren hai aansuon ki
Kahin pe khoon-e-zigar ke dhabbar
Yeh chaak hai fazaye uddu ka
Yeh mohar hai yaar-e-meherbaan ki
yeh mrhabat hai shaikh ke batjuban ki
yeh jaamayen rozon shabd gazida (????)
mujhe yeh pehraane gabida (???)
azeez bhi, napasand bhi

kabhi yeh farmaan-e-josh-e-wehshat
ke nooch ke isko faink daalon
kabhi yeh israarey farme urfat
ke choom ke fir galey lagaa lun!

Lost in translation (Work in Progress)

Halts the river of the sky
There has touched the shore
A ship - moon of sad hues
And have alighted on the coast
All the stars

Is broken the breath of the leaves
And the winds have gone to yawn
The buzz, the order of silence went out
To quieten into speechlessness all calls

From the breasts of city damsels
Alit the veil of Teergarhi
But besides that scattered
On its body and soul
Sad shadows of solitude

And it knows nothing about it
No one knows anything about it
That at dusk as we walked out of the city
Ah! Where did we direct our selves to go?

Neither any place nor any destination
No traveller with his mind on the journey
This time is a broken link of daily chain
This is a time of grieving

When this time comes, unforced
At times, I also perceive
Shedding the clothes of my caste
The ink..........(???) at places
At places the flora of fidelity
The traces of tears at places
At places the stains of blood

This is a.......
This a stamp of a friendly patron
This is?? of a
These clothes of words ??
I cherish too, I despise too

At times this ordinance of enthused savagery
To snatch it and just throw it away
At times ???
To just kiss and hug it close!

((This is first draft: posted for chay and others to have an idea about what the poem is all about. The translation right now is quite crass and if the poem fails to appeal in English (yet), the fault is with my translation. I am quite uncertain about the words spoken in last few lines of this recital from the version on, and would be happy to get help on deciphering those)!!

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