Monday, June 06, 2005

A cup of Tea - VIII (Parental Wisdom)

My Mommie says, "Judge a woman from her cup of tea
A cup of tea is enough to reveal her true identity!
How its served tells you of her thoughts, her emotion
And a few sips can elucidate her sense of proportion!
A cup of tea reveals her character, her personality
Even how she holds it, reflects upbringing or vanity!"

My dad reflects, "Tea and women are quite like whisky
Bittersweet, addictive, their effects on men legendary
Maybe a cup of tea does all secrets of woman contain
Trust me, they can never be revealed to a male brain:)
Just like this cup of tea, hold the woman you love close
(Sips) Revel in her sweet warmth, before her warmth goes!"

My mommie smiling, savors the words of my dad silently
And then clears up the empty, cluttered cups, elegantly
I visualize her metaphors, think back to old cups of tea
How one had hated them, how the other spilled endlessly
How mommie's choice stylishly brought in and held my cup
In simple teatime talk, cobwebs around my heart cleared up!


buckwaasur said...

lol...hilarious simple lines...almost like nonsense poetry...really nice... :-D

Chay said... your whole family is in love with tea.
As always vivs...made me want a cup of chai!! :-))

G said...

I really like the way you have put the sentences together. I am already a big fan of tea, and this has given me a whole new prespective on drinking tea.
I will surely remember this whenever anyone offers me tea.

Nice one.


Anything more drownig to the "cup of tea"- reminds me of all the codes from Da Vinci