Saturday, August 27, 2005

Da Vinci code : Much Ado about nothing!

"So did you finally read Da Vinci Code? What do you think of it?"

It is an overpriced, oversold, overhyped novel that reads like a cheap thriller! A murder mystery, spiced with lots of controversial stuff from Christian history and myths.

"Come on, don't tell me you thought it was that bad. Everyone who has read it is going gaga about it. There are talk shows on TV about it, it is the top bestseller, so much so that people have devored all books by the author, and they are even making a movie out of it. I know many people who call it brilliant."

Oh! Great! Who are those people? Have they ever read any good book ever. What is a good book you may ask? A book that engages your heart and mind, thoughts and imagination, challenges your beliefs by fueling ideas that seem rational and logical, or atleast sheds some light on the traits or lives of its characters, through which we can see ourselves and our world in a different perspective. A good book is like a window, an expedition where you enjoy the journey as much as the feeling of reaching the destination.

Da Vinci code is a grand collection of Christian myths, written in a style of a treasure hunt. A murder in the very beginning sets the motion going, with a Havard professor and the granddaughter of the murderer working their ways through clues leading to further clues. The clues are contained in churches, in da Vinci paintings and what not. What author does really well is directing this treasure hunt through rusty and dusty corridoors of heresey, spicing it up by mention of holy grail, secret societies, Mrs Jesus Christ, Newton, and so on.

The descriptions are quite poor as is the narrative. The flaws are as many as a 454 page novel can include. I guess the only reason why everyone is reading it is because everyone else has read it. The reading itself requires no effort, so once you start you can read it to the end. From close quarters I know, all my friends who failed to finish every decent book they picked up, finished this one with ease. Other books they tried required thinking and concentration, this one can be read on a cruise control mode.

"Aha! Vivek! I smell a hint of ego there. You think that since you read all sorts of classics that makes your opinion better than others? If the book is not great, why is everyone saying so? Why can't you just read a book just for the enjoyment of it? What is wrong with a book being entertaining or controversial?"

What you think are vestiges of my ego is what I call a pre-requisite for condemning or praising something. I don't think that opinion of people who hardly read anything should be used to define this novel as brilliant. Atleast give the other authors a reading, a hearing before drubbing this one as the best or the greatest or whatever.

Don't you see it, how hype and controversy can be roped into a movie or a book to rake maximum profits. You asked me if I enjoyed the book. Well, what really amused me was the really disappointing standards people set for themselves and for pronouncing something as good. I was expecting till the very end that the author will brandish his talents somewhere, somehow.

The book is entertaining and controversial, but please don't call it brilliant or a work of genius or a marvel of human imagination. It is these superlatives thrown around Dan Brown and his Da Vinci Code that bewilder me. I am sorry if this the best you have got than I must tell you that henceforth I will place no trust in your judgement.

(At this instant he smiles and keeping his hand on hers, says) But you haven't read it yet, have you? Judge it for yourself:)!


Chirp Chirp said...

Chandaaaaaa! I did not read Da Vinci Code. Nor did I appreciate it.

It was lying in my house and that title came to me as handy to describe something.That is all.

I was equally bemused about people who talked about this book. But kept my mouth shut. I did not want to be called constant critic of everything.

You seem to have got outraged.

I got out raged at the post-script discussions of Da Vinci which while flipping through in book store decided not to read that book at all.

But since it is lying in my house and this cheap book was bought on pavement in Delhi, I went through first chapter and then second and felt tht I can write better.

Hence the joke.."I will write part 2."

Well! I donot read books as much as you do. But I read people. Very tasty and interesting indeed.
Till now I found only you, beating me always in reading people.
I gave up people. But I didn't give up my hobbies. Ye know what I mean.

So no point in reaching boiling point over who likes what books.

RTD2 said...

Wow! I've never seen you so incensed :) Ya..I enjoyed the mystery/treasure hunt bit, but I thought it was lousy writing. It made me want to visit France and Italy real bad though!

Health and Mental Well Being said...

Hello -> Vivek <- I just wanted to let you know that Da Vinci code : Much Ado about nothing! was an interesting read and well presented. Just my two cents.

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