Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Mann re (Lost in translation)!

One of my perennial favorites:
Lyrics by Sahir... Movie Chitralekha

followed by a lousy translation (done by me)!

Man Re Tuu Kaahe Naa Dhiir Dhare
Vo Nirmohii Moh Naa Jaane, Jinakaa Moh Kare
Man Re ...

Is Jiivan Kii Cha.Dhatii Dhalatii
Dhuup Ko Kisane Baa.Ndhaa
Ra.Ng Pe Kisane Pahare Daale
Rup Ko Kisane Baa.Ndhaa
Kaahe Ye Jatan Kare
Man Re ...

Utanaa Hii Upakaar Samajh Koi
Jitanaa Saath Nibhaa De
Janama Maran Kaa Mel Hai Sapanaa
Ye Sapanaa Bisaraa De
Koi Na Sa.Ng Mare
Man Re ...


O mind! Why aren't you patient
They heartless know no love, who you love so
Oh mind!....

This life's rising ebbing
Sunshine who could rein in
Who placed bars on hues
Beauty who could rein in
Why you endevour so
Oh mind....

Be gratified of as much as
Someone stands by thee
Union unto life and death's a dream
Set this dream free
No one dies with you
Oh mind!....


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missed this one :D i like this song too..


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