Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Soft Suds of Joy!

There were soft suds of joy about me
Bubbles that shimmered with the twinkle of
Your laughter that danced all around me
In the rainbow colors of dreams they showed me
You dazzled in the fiery passion of my eyes
Into realms of tranquility my desired towed me!

There were soft suds of joy about me
Bubbles that burst with the whispers of
Your silence that pinched all around me
In the transient moments of life they showed me
Beauty lies in instants, joy forms and fades
Into trance of oneness my desired followed me!

Vivek Sharma
Aug 31, 2005


Stone said...

you should forget about "I" and "Me", inside of you. You are still attached to it. You can never realise what you want to realise ( your creator ) unless you give up the things you are attached to: poetry (idle-talk); passion about pursuing a hopeless and baseless thought which originates only in hopeless mind; "I see things best and I know best" feelings ; hopeless and meaningless emotions which could be mirage or test.etc.
this comment is not to dis-appoint you, but to explain there is no reciprocation from the other side.such poetry which praises mere existential beings who are nothing but beings other than yourself is abhorent and will not sustain life in you. poetry is an idle talk and it is non-sensical for sensible humanbeing.

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