Saturday, October 29, 2005

Its probably not me!

It is not my day, it is not my style
I haven't been me, not all this while

Forget what I uttered, forgive what was muttered
In this state trust me, was unsaid what mattered

I am usually in control, usually I know my way
I don't know why today, why today I am astray

Maybe in your proximity, modulated by your attraction
I have lost my wits, got bewitched by this distraction

Oh! So much remained unsaid, oh! So much is unsung
But today I err and mistake, today noise rules my lung

Come tomorrow my dearest to see, the real side of me
I am usually funny and charming, ah! This isn't at all me!


The poem was written while attending a lecture; the professor was having a remarkably bad day, as he struggled with derivations, he muttered many sentences, which actually got woven into a poem of a lover who loses his wits in her presence!:)

October, 2005


Anonymous said...


awwwwwwwwww... choooooooo very chweeeeeeet.....

tweet tweet..... :))

Ardra said...

I close my eyes
I collect my thoughts
gather my wits
I open my eyes
I look at you
and once again
I'm in a dither
searching for words
finding my voice
today is just not my day
Silence is best
Please understand my words unsaid...

loved it...

RTD2 said...

Very nice, indeed! Reminds me of the song "Something stupid" by Frank and Nancy Sinatra