Saturday, October 01, 2005

Lost in translation (v) song from Daddy (1991)

This is a beautiful song from the classic Daddy (1991), an inspired act by Anupam Kher, in Mahesh Bhatt's heartfelt direction, sung by Dilraj Kaur and Talat Aziz, Music by Rajesh Roshan and just incredible lyrics by Suraj Sanim).

Attempted translation

Sometimes in my dreams or thoughts, sometimes on the current of life
I am like an incomplete song, prim and polish me to give me a meaning!

That one some unnamed desire, those conversations with my self
On touching you I figured, the days of satisfaction have dawned!

Come and make abode my heart's city, I will grant you the earth and the sky
For I am afraid that your promiscuity, may not just the two worlds destroy!

I was living when I hadn't met you, but I won't be able to live if I lose you
My thirsts have been kindled, awakened, by your companionship, by your love!

Oh! This is the first night, when my hand is in your hand
It was decided from many days, I will win you by losing my all!


(The song in Hindi or Urdu :)!

kabhi khwab mein ya khyaal mein, kabhi zindgaani ki dhaar pe
mein adhura sa ek geet hun, mujhe arth de ke tu sawaar de!

woh benaam si koi juftzu, woh apnay aap se guftgu
tujhe choo liya toe mujhe laga, din aa gaye hai karaar ke!

mere dil ki nagari mein buss bhi jaa, tujhe baksh dun zameen aasmaan
mujhe darr hai teri awaargi, kahin do jahan na ujaar de

na milli thi tum toe tha ji raha, na milogi toe na ji paunga
meri tishnagi ko jaga diya, tere saath ne, tere pyaar ne!

go aaj pehli yeh raat hai, tere haath mein mera haath hai
tha bahut dino se yeh faisla, tujhe jeet lungi mein haar ke!


Anonymous said...


me have seen this movie.. but dont remember this song.... thanks for posting it... lovely..


Vivek said...

thanks rush!

the translation is not even close to how good the song is!

Deepa said...

I find this song very intriguing. I was just searching the web for the proper lyrics and landed at your page! That is a nice transalation.
The hindi/urudu version of the song is ofcourse soooo touching.

hmmm....i am just now listening to this song and for sure there is this BIG smile pasted on my face :)

Thanks for the lyrics!