Saturday, October 29, 2005

A Poet and a Sanguine Brat!

We share this and that
Daily we meet and chat
We amble and we ramble
A poet and a sanguine brat

I am high on the past
Her future pulls her fast
At present we're "just friends"
Such friendships seldom last!

We are an unlikely company
Bruised bard with bugs bunny
Loud laughters of our together
Sound like a pure symphony!

She'll be gone now or then
I won't know why or when
And left again for that matter
Will be me and my inkpen!

Oh! Butterfly on a wing
She can dance and sing
I am only words, she says
Maybe rhymed, deep, lasting

But I am only words, she says
Yet I am speechless, dumbfound
She is the music of my present
But its nothing as it might sound!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


It feels so long since I read such lovely poetry.... me read it over and over.. me no need me tea today.. :)

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay... Vivek rules :)

vi said...

nice one!


Ardra said...

Is she your "muse"?
or is she "language"
Or is she your "experiences"?
She who flirts with you-
she who plays hide-n-seek?
but I'm sure
she cant stray far from you...


Vani said...

pleasant read amidst my boring remote sensing readings. Probably u've just left. have a good nite.

RTD2 said...

I like this...Sometimes I wonder who you're writing about, and whether it's anyone at all or a mixture of muses :) promised, I got Vikram Seth from the library..I'm about 1% done :(

hard_nut said...

he'd write in balladry
in embellished lines
he'd daub you with poetic praises
as affectionate signs

itsagain nothing as it might sound
whatever image is being cast
but i wonder why he'd believe
that "such freindships seldom last"