Saturday, October 29, 2005

White cotton clouds!

Yesterday I flew over the white cotton clouds
That rolled and puffed below a blue sky
Were hung up there like my love for you
Pure and white, fluffy and foggy, soaring high

When I looked at the world perched in your thoughts
The cities were below and beyond, little and distant
Your love gave me wings, the dream of the flight
Made me freely surging soul in an instant

In the slowly moving drift of human imagination
I flew far and wide and yet never away
For like a kite I am always threaded to you
In the deft hands of your love, I fly and soar!

Written on a flight
March 2005


Anonymous said...


Arent ya romantic? awwww....
tumhara poetry padke hum bhi hawa me hain.. :)))

Take care...
beers and de-beers.. :))

Ardra said...

hmmm- almost gibranish- ideal love where there is no bondage- but freedom and yet there is a sense of being united...where there is growth and no stagnation-
liked it...