Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The best man's words!

She can talk to you through endless gossip
And serve you with anecdotes, joyful, crisp

Her apetite for the bizarre is never assuaged
All trivia in her memory is somewhere stored

She munches your words, allows you to flatter
But don't think she'd be taken in, she knows better

She splits her self into a memory and a dream
Where she was beloved, where she'll be a queen

In sounds and rhyme, she finds infinite pleasure
But its actually nostalgia that really rouses her

Delightful in conversation, pleasant in companionship
Theres always many a slip, between her cup and her lip

She talks in jingles, and in some wonderland saunters
And dresses, so elegantly, regalely she flaunts hers

She is, though enigmatic, a cause for full celebration
My friend, congratulations, for attaining her adulation!

Nov 22, 2005
Vivek Sharma
W301 Howey Physics, Atlanta!


Anonymous said...


Is it me? is it me? is it me? :))) :P
yaaaaaaaaaay ........ :P

how goes?

Anonymous said...


Yahoo mail is buggin me. aint working. me read ur mail though. yaaaaaaay...
poetry for rush the mush.. ??? sweet or sweet? me mushy on mush.. yaaaaaaay...... and friend like you.. what else can one ask for?

take care and tata
Rush not in a rush.... :P

Vivek said...

Hey Rush,

This one is inspired by a friend here,
though I wrote it right after sending you a mail, for if I were to write a poem about you, this might be my choice!

Anonymous said...

have u taken oath to make me cry? dayam or dayam? too much sweet i say... :)))))

awwwwwing rush :)))))

bharath said...

loved every bit of it. :-) esply

She splits her self into a memory and a dream
Where she was beloved, where she'll be a queen

would it sound better in urdu?

Reshmi said...

this one me likey! inspried!! :)

Nandya said...

luved ur poem....i felt like singing the song in the dhoon of

"She's always a woman " by billy joel...

how i landed here...through Sulekha originially, then through Chaya...


Vivek said...

Thanks for dropping by nandya, reshmi, rush and bharath!

Maybe Hindi suits many of my poems better; I do write in Hindi at times, but I try not to translate my own stuff:)!