Sunday, November 13, 2005

Conversations! and Other verses

A text of our conversations!

When I say I am incomplete without you
Without you I am lost in darkness
Of my doubts and my solitude is
A cold silence that unsettles my whole
She quips that she shall never want to be
A candle in a dark room and also not
A satellite about me or a planet likewise
And cannot be mine for to me my self is unknown!

When I inspire my words to compose
A soft song for her, and tell her so
She tells me that words are for them
Who cannot communicate between souls
And for our destinations are two distant
Points, my walking with her is a detour
About my destination and so I must
Retrace my steps, walk alone or find another!


Jab ussay kehta hun, hun mein tum bin adhura,
Woh kehti hai, na mujhe aadhay adhuray ki zarurat hai
Joe aatam hi puran nahin, usko paakar kaise mein
Kaise apnay jeevan mein preet ki prakashta paungi
Kehti hai ki meri talaash abhi talak adhuri hai
Apnay ko hi na jaan saka hun mein toe kaise mein
Puran vishwas se keta hun ki uska hona zaroori hai
Aur kaise adhuray vishwas, adhuray vivek ke sang mein chal paungi??


tablay ki taal par goonjti
mere dil ki dharkan sun
aur sun santoor bhi suna raha
i preet ki mangal dhun!

I am a soft smile
That glitters in your eye
In glistening drops of dew!


Goonjti hui jal tarang, aur hridhaya mein sankron aakanshaon ke sargam
Bahar bajti hai mangaldhwani aur antarmann mein asmanjass ka mausam
Tablay ki tadapti taal par mere saanson mein dhadhakti akraant jwaala
Madhumaas mein bhi ujaat-sa hai! Hai! Preetma tumne mujhe kya bana daala!


Will you be the quiet hug
Holding me on a soft rug
Night after night close?

Will you sing to me
Soft tunes in melody
To make my dreams surreal?


If you be the sprinkle
On the desert sand of
My dry, parched soul
And come to me perenially
I too can be the oasis
That stands fresh, but alone
In the vast territory of
Thirsty, dusty country!


All were written on 10 April 2005
Emory/Atlanta while attending a concert
by Shiv Kumar Sharma and Zakir Hussein!


Anonymous said...


"words are for them Who cannot communicate between souls"

sabhi poems achche lage. aap yoon hee likhiye.... aur hum kahenge yaaaay :))


El enigma said...

don't know how I missed this one, Vivek....really liked it....especially the first bit.

about the being lost part....I think that we all are a little lost many times...and we do find a bit of ourselves in our friends, lovers, mates....that does not mean that we are unknown to our own selves...and that we seek respite in those who love us because of that...
just that some journeys of life become more interesting and inspiring when walked together than walked alone....atleast that is what I've started believing myself(to ur relief, I'm sure :)

and as for the futility of words....I would never buy that...because to me my words are as precious as my silence....for when I write, or say things...hidden in me sometimes....I sorta liberate myself of those feelings, which were safely tucked away in a corner...and strangely enuf, they are more beautiful when they come out...interacting with the whole world :) than when they were in...

so never loose your words, or thought, or silence or speech over anything :)

take care,