Thursday, November 03, 2005

Jean Paul Sartre's Nausea!

Full of existential angst!

Sartre's Nausea is a manifesto of existential angst, and ranks as one of the most celebrated philisophical novels of the last century. In his dairy enteries, the protagonist enters seemingly trivial details about his daily chores, thoughts, fears and acquaintances and through them reflects upon deep questions about his own existence and his being. Throughout the novel, the reader finds himself looking at his own self, his own world and identifying with the angst of one's being. A classic, must read for anyone who ponders on the meaning of the being, the point of our existence and is at war with himself. The novel does not necessary provide the answers to any of these questions, but provides enough spark to ignite the spirit of enquiry in one's mind!

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SeaSwallowMe said...

scratchy memory .. but there's one character from "nausea" who's stuck in my mind - the peripheral character who decides to read every single book in a library in alphabetical order !

nice list of reviews, btw.