Wednesday, January 04, 2006


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Ardra said...

yes, but usually its the lull before the storm leading to floods-a temporary barricade which comes down at some unexpected moment- and then the final straw would be something totally irrelevant, unconnected to the original cause ...but come down it does- sooner or later..

AdHocQuirks said...

yes...very much...many times... there any cure? :)

Vivek said...

From dud sea scrawls:

hey vivek….sometimes this
By El enigma on Wed, 2006-01-04 21:20

hey vivek….sometimes this emptiness does resonate louder than the pain….or the words…and there is no way to beat it or break it, than perhaps to let it fill you completely just once…and then to let go….of all the nameless blurs and the unbearable emptiness surrounding those blurs…

take care
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Vivek said...

ad hoc quirks, both ardra and enig address your question.

sometimes we can deal with the emptiness alone, but it treated best with a little help from friends:)!