Sunday, February 05, 2006

Pigeon Love

My heart is a cooing pigeon
My words, wings flapped to lurch
I desire to beak, my love
Nestle with you, o feathertouch.

Don't flutter your wings so fast, mister
Save your swoops, glides and gush
I am a freebird and quite like it
Flings I'll love, but there's no rush.

O white white dove, what art thou inspire
One chirp from you, unfurls paeans of desire
Just perch with me sometimes, lets fly together
Over the sprawling gardens, in this nice weather.

O how can I trust thee, thy ashen self
If your baggage is loaded, with motives stealth
And wonder what fleeting ideas will form
In their hearts, for whom, later I may long.

O high flying princess of blue skies
Your purity cannot be put to doubt
I promise platonic companionship, joys
Pleasantaries you must not do without.

O flatterer you amuse me (make me blush)
You may sing serenades, but don't expect much
Whatever you indulge in, you do at your own accord
I don't need or want you (I say for the record).

My dearest, your flight is a dance
Your curves, the summers of romance
I know you've told me no before
But I must know if is altered your stance.

You said you'd be just a friend
And I so depended upon your word
O charmer, this is it, don't see me again
I should have known, it would turn so absurd!

Hush my sweetest, don't wail so bitter
I am only a bird, I need to twitter
I have feelings, that fly their own routes
You are so beautiful that pining always sprouts.

Enough of your cooing, all cajoling, now begone
I was much better off, just being all alone
You made me smile, but at the expense of much grief
Henceforth we part, go fly beyond Edens of makebelief.

Jan 07, 2006
4 pm, Starbucks
Atlanta GA


Deep-Blue said...

mereko bilkul samajh nahi aya.. :((
fir bhi tumne kuch likha to sahi :))
tata n take care

Deep-Blue said...

tumne mera sar kharab kar rakha hai..
itna jee kar raha hai.. ki eise punch karoon.. (gussa face) sach me..

Chay said...

tagged ya!! :-p

will get to the poem in a bit...have forgotten how to multitask...thank goodness for that!!


Chay said...

hush my sweetest...dont wail so bitter!! Remember...flings you'll love but there's no rush.... :-)

Isn't all love absurd....??

I have a new name for you...the Starbuck Bard...starbucks starstruck bard...blauaahha...never mind!!

Vivek said...

There is nothing better than starbucks when it comes to writing poems:) Maybe I'll write a poem about that too!