Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Look within

Who must one turn to in the time of extreme strife, but himself. Within himself, he will find a friend who would not desert him in spite of circumstance. A friend who cannot be lured away by any temptation. It is within himself that he must discover the faith to move the mountains. It is within himself that he must cultivate the confidence that will allow him to live through winter with the same vigor as he does through the spring. It is within himself that lies the power to rise above the petty failings of mind and heart. A conscious thought is worth much more than an overheard discourse. Within himself lies the dream, and the power to realize it, the potential lies within, and must be harnessed from within. Within lies the angst, the fire, the force, and within must be found the solace, the strength, the happiness. Within lies the beginning and the end, within the essence and existence, within the past lessons and will to evolve. Pain lies within, and must be torn away from within. Pleasure is a shadow of pain, of sorrow, and must be let within like a naughty child, for he will amuse as much as he will break the order of things. Pleasure is a reckless stream, channels a dependence on the water, which appears as draught when absent, and so depend not on the pleasure that flows from glaciers of distant beings, but dig deep into within to find the wells of calm joy that stay with you in thick and thin. Know thy self, look within, and let your universe within guide you in your exploits and existance in the outside realm.

A note to within
March 21, 11:00 am

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