Thursday, March 30, 2006

Pearl Earrings

My dearest, must I talk trivia
Keep you interested with jokes
Twisted stories, spiced to entertain
Must I charm you with etiquette
Eloquent discourses on artsy movies
Display my softer side with tears-
Shed earnestly at the sight of a dying Ape
Must I spend money at restaurants
Buy flowers that wither fast, fade
Fill your rooms with presents
Must I do it all, earnestly
And never show lust or hope
Must I suffer silently, yet smile
Wait for you to define my role
And then, must I not complain
If you decide it won't work out
Atleast refund me pearl earrings
I'll hate it if you wear them
And look pretty for someone else.

29 March, 2006


Blue Athena said...

Hmm. Can imagine all that a guy's *supposed* to undergo to appear picture-perfect.

A niggle. Refund or return?

sudarpunsey said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
sudarpunsey said...

awesome!! man...

all your new posts are good...

job said...


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