Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A poem and a translation

Just found an amazing blog, with extremely well-written poems.

Here is an example copied from there:
that moment
that moment when the ball runs into
the fiercely protected muddy patch
exactly as it's supposed to

that moment when he turns shyly,
scans the crowd, a gleaming smile
on his dirt-stained little face

for the rotund happy woman
who points him out as her own
claiming him while she still can

that moment when a boy leaps up
and catches the sun
in his perfect little fist

that moment

posted by Anindita

I am taking the liberty of translating it, somehow seems perfect for the purpose.

woh lamha

woh lamha jab gaindh ja girti hai
daldal mein, laangh ke sab deewarein
theek waise hi jaise hona hai

woh lamha jab sharmatay sharmatay
woh murta hai, bheedh ki ore dekhta
dhool dhooshrit chehray par muskaan liye

uss moti, khush aurat ke liye
jisnay ik issaray se ussay
chunn liya hai apnay liye

woh lamha jab koodh kar
woh ladka thaam leta hai sooraj
apni majboot, nanhi muthi mein

woh lamha

(So its a translation of Anindita's poem, its NOT my poem)!

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