Sunday, March 19, 2006

Two untitled poems


There is a misty insincerity
over the lake of your words
your laughter takes off like seagulls
sharp chirps, flapping your dreamy eyes
a dissonant note tells me
you will migrate this winter.

I talk with corroded words
languid hopes screech as they move
the wooden wheels of my desire
and I feel the cold selfishness
of your intent in the cold hands
so detached, so solitary when held.

My doe your each step
mocks my terrain of trust
you flirt with favors from them
leaping onto rocks of their attention
and yet when you hug me squeeze
I mumble, "oh love! never leave me please!"

5:15 pm; 19 March

Who are you to me
but an excited note on phone
a casket of nervous stories
that fizz faster than meteors;
A noisy friend, I may say
petulant as a kid, pestilant as a toddler
and a tempest in the flesh
rocking my lighthouses of intention.

Why must I care so
about the unkempt promises on shore
for they are only shells of a spirit
fickle as each woman does become;
A desirable woman, I may say
tortuous as hillroads, tedious as childbirth
and an inescapable exile from self
pining for return to single simplicity.

How do I break apart
this splendour of disbelief
for facades fascinate me
ah! the illusion of feminine fidelity;
A risky lover, I may say
tasty as a temptation, fiesty as a tigress
and clawed scars full of pus
in my tattoes from togetherness.

5:40 pm; 19 March


Blue Athena said...

I absolutely love the first pome. Been long since I read something that is completely up my alley!

The imagery is like the beauteous, transient dew drops that I wish could hold in my hands forever. :)

Vivek said...

thanks blue!

Your imagery is beautiful as well:)!