Saturday, April 15, 2006

Review: Chronicles of a Death Foretold by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Nasar dies. Gabriel Garcia Marquez in this short, quick read novel, tells you that Nasar dies in the opening chapter. He is murdered, everyone knew he was going to be murdered, no one did enough to prevent it, and it was as if a death foretold was executed before their own eyes. The narrator tries to piece together the events and conversations that occured before and after the murder. Several stories are revealed, many incomplete ones, half-forgotten memoirs of those who saw it all happen. The novel is written with less of imagery and metaphor than Marquez usually incorporates in his writing, and so in comparison to the rich language and imagination on display in his other novels, this is more down to earth, matter of fact kind of piece.

Marquez indeed is one of the best novelists of our time. This story is harrowing in reminding us of how most of us fail to act and prevent tragedies that we could easily prevent. The bride who is returned on the night of her marriage, the brothers who must kill of save her honor and the description of merry making before the murder all add their share of spice to this tale.

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