Monday, April 03, 2006

Trust a woman?

Should I trust women, any woman
A woman can I possibly trust?
Lips move in harmony, even eyes do
While zillion secrets sprawl in her bust.

Some call her fraility, some door of hell
The root of all evils, scriptures declare
Yet one crooning voice, one lingering kiss
Makes a man crawl, forgo every care.

When pregnant with ideas, or with intent
She swells and suffers, all her fill
Whatever she loves (besides her own self)
She nurtures it well, with a motherly skill.

She can be a panacea, if she so wills
And whisper to you, the lullabies of trance
Clasp your dreams, carry them to ecstasy
Fill your each pore, with pheremones of romance.

Like a vine, she can cling and climb
Rise like a moon, shimmering on a still lake
There like a memory, she can fade or flicker
Beyond unexplained clouds, her veiled escape make.

Never frail as she seems, her power's absolute
She will destroy you, destroy if she must
Her talents seduce me, beauty makes me believe
But shes a woman. Can a woman, I possibly trust?

Feb 23, 2006 9 am & April 02, 11:30 pm

The Poem is an inspired piece of composition, usually stems from some event, idea or an inescapable attack of passion. This one carries a thought, and the poet need not be prosecuted for what he is forced to write by his flash of inspiration.

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Vivek said...

From Dud Sea Scrawls:

The Postman and pheremones of romance
By Vivek on Tue, 2006-04-04 13:12

Bilbo: Please find a copy of The Postman and watch it (Italian with subtitles)Smiling It has Pablo Neruda explaining metaphors to the postman:) and its a sweet movie!

Bleu: I need to show your comment to a friend who thinks Indians like me use Shakespearean English:)!

Atra: true, ain’t it?
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By bilbobaggins on Tue, 2006-04-04 01:31

being a bio major, I could not reconcile with the idea of pheromones of romance. Sticking out tongue
and again while moon shimmering on a lake is very vivid imagery, it cant shimmer on a still surface. I guess , I am just in a mood to nitpick Sticking out tongue
carrying on in the same vein, I guess you need to work on the fraility and frail idea. Smiling
all right I’ll stop now Big Grin
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blame the inspiration
By bleu on Mon, 2006-04-03 16:46

I liked the modern overtones of the poem. It still carries a flow, a narration very suggestive, very alive, and wonderful.

pheremones of romance :: very nice Smiling

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By atrakasya on Tue, 2006-04-04 05:10

I liked what you said - “a poet is only partly responsible for what his poem means to you”.
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