Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Sulekha: Ten most accessed blogs!

These actually include some posts that never featured on this blogsite, so I decided to post links to these:) If you have any comments, you may post them here.

1) Kalpit: A Love Story (Posted as an entry to compete in India Smiles Contest) Its funny, but marred by long sentences:) yet accessed more than 5000 times!!

2) Neeraj: A five year old (A short story written in 2002, based on my work in slums of Delhi during Summer of 1999); Marred by grammatical mistakes, but my most heartfelt story!

3) IIT: Myths and Miseries (Was posted on this blog too, had maximum number of comments ever): Last in series of blogs motivated by the new Reservation policy of the Indian Govt.

4) Cricket and Physics: On India's win at Lords (After India won Natwest Trophy in 2002; Kind of wacky humor) Another old blog, was published as Article in 2002.

5) Apple: Written in 2002, another lateral thinking, wacky humor piece, published as Article in Sulekha.

6) Loving an intelligent girl (its easy to see why people like to read and comment on this topic) Never managed to write a terser, updated version. Still plan on it:)

7) Einstein's Wife: The real genius (A blog exploring evidence towards saying that perhaps Einsteins wife did the math for his great achievements) Science has its own share of mysteries:)

8) Love stories of my friends: I (One of my most widely circulated poems) Wrote two others in the series. The third I think is one of the funniest I ever wrote (guys agree, girls don't)!@

9) A Cup of Tea- Six (Arranged Marriage) (Again most widely read among tea and other poems) A humorous twist to the tale.... retells the cliched saga of how arranged marriage drama involves tea:)!

10) Random Thoughts of a Graduate Student on Love and Everything; its a little too much of twisted humor; only few appreciate its depth!

Most of these widely read blogs actually won't feature in my list of best poems or blogs I have written (according to my own perception or standards: but well, popularity is guided by perspective different from mine)


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Amie said...

u are also hanging aroung sulekha eh? me too... but I have no idea what I am doin there.. I will be back to this.. wanna to chk out all the links but too sleepy now.. c ya later..!