Monday, August 14, 2006

Couplets for rejection

My dear, I confess, I adore thee, I do, mostly,
But my declaration requires, a profounder inspiration.

There are no charms, trust me, that you don't possess,
But curse my heart, it cultivated a different aspiration.

If you make it too easy, the love just shies away,
We appreciate things, gained by considerable perspiration.

Don't cite the examples of similiar couples who made it work,
Least valuable ideal of love, o dear, is loving by imitation.

Why ask me, if you I'd chose, if my dreamgirl existed not,
Who knows darling, why fish for such a consolation.

You mean a lot to me, I certainly value your feelings,
If I can't reciprocate, its just my own limitation.

These tears are too precious, to be wasted on me sweetheart,
You'll find a better match, the one among billion in our nation.

The time together we spent, was a happy time, I agree,
Good-bye my co-passenger, we chase different destination.

We all outlive our passions, you too will pronounce later,
I hadn't the qualities, worth a perpetual fascination.

Last note, I add with severity, it must be a neat cut,
Untouched it will heal, caresses cause aggravation.


Anonymous said...

this was a good read... the last line a clencher - a quote on my heart.

Billy Jones said...

Found your link in my referral logs so I thought I'd stop in and let you know about a poetry aggregator where you can submit your blog's RSS feed and get a few new readers.

I hope that doesn't sound too spammy but I thought you'd want to know.

And thanks for the link to -Billy