Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Inside my room

In the disorder of my room,
I've lost my mop, and my broom.
To find them, I need careful digging,
I plan to hire an archealogy team.

In the layers of read articles, scribbled notes
lie many unfinished poems, quotable quotes;
many unsolved problems of soft matter research,
and my valiant attempts at them, you can unearth.

You can find my correspondences with her,
whose leaving has mushroomed cans of beer,
these beer cans piled as pyramids adorn my window,
its hard to hide them, in them, (you know).

This state's acquired by months of neglect,
I treat my chaos with lots of respect.
Here, there are unmarked graves of memories,
must keep them hushed for a few centuries.

Even the duster and the dustbin,
must be reported as dead or missing,
but if all is cleared and all is clean,
where will then reside this chaotic being?

July 04, 2006.
11:00 am;
Motivating myself to clean my room.

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Alto said...

Now a days

I call myself, an absolute idiot, an absolute stupid and an absolute bloodyfool.

I call myself such, for I behaved worse than a child's stupidity, which I usually romaticised as innocence.

Some people on my face called me an "Idiot".

Few more called me "Stupid".

Few more called me "Naive".

Yet, I tried very hard to prove them wrong.
I waged War of Words and writings against the whole World to say loud and clear that:
I am not stupid nor idiot nor naive as they claim.

I tried hard to tell the world that it is difficult to retain innoncence when we grow.

As I grew up I struggled hard to keep innocence alive, by trusting others,
for I knew any human relationship is first based on TRUST

I could fight, because I had an ARROW in my QUIVER.
And that Arrow in my Quiver was my Friend.

When everyone called Stupid. He said. YOU ARE NOT.

When everyONE called me Naive, He stood there and said, NO! WHOLE WORLD COULD BE WRONG.

When some one called me an IDIOT.

Like a father, who would ever be with a daughter,

Like a brother who would ward off every stranger male from a sister,

Like a Friend who honestly cared He cared, But he was NOT my Paramour.

He was my Armour.
He was my Pride.
He was my Strength.
He was my Hope.
He was my Guide.
He was my Torch.
He was my Sword.

He never appreciated crossing that line of friendship and he never did.
That was the BEAUTY in him.

He did not know that is the reason ladies just adore him, or may be he does and he uses it.

The moment he crosses that line he knows, as well as the ladies, that they will flee from each other.

And the uniqueness of his beauty,
would disappear
in to ugliness of generality.

One day it was discovered both by ladies and himself that they are dangerously crossing eachother's limits
not understanding the perils or implications.

It had to be stopped.

So one day I decided, I will start writing everything negative about him or fight with him or perhaps criticise his move or blame him for everything which goes wrong in this world.

I succeeded in stopping him from crossing those lines of friendship, only to realsie later, I rarely did.

He succeeded in proving me exactly what he defended me against.
He made complete fool out of me and proved me an idiot, a stupid, a fool and a naive.

He did exactly opposite of what I cheirshed , just to get back to me, for by now, I knew, he was terribly hurt by my behaviour.

We both succeeded in proving each other wrong or right
or replacing right with wrong and vice versa
depending on the convenience.

And Friendship turned into Enemity,
Peace turned into War.

Today I am successfully stupid,

Today I am successfully Idiot,

Today I am successfully bloody fool.

I lost my BEST ARROW of my QUIVER.
Perhaps it is lost to the mists of Time.

Or may be it became an ARROW of my enemy's QUIVER
And will come back and pierce my Heart to kill me,

Ah! What a destiny?

or perhaps a BLESSING which came for me,
to replace my BEST ARROW may go against him and his army,

Ah! what a destiny?

For we started with friendship and ended with enemity,
for we both struggled to keep the divine laws we believed in.

Now I believe :

World must have been true about me.
I must be real stupid, real idiot
real fool and really naive,


I aimed Heaven for him.

And he aimed Hell for me.

----------The End-----