Thursday, March 01, 2007

A Poem

Revising the poem:
Taking it offline indefinitely


Vivek said...


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roop_910 comments: on Mar 1 2007 9:48PM
delete this comment - block this userAt times, do we feel as if we're involuntarily being sucked into the black hole of fate?
Nawab.islam comments: on Mar 1 2007 9:47PM
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You are talented. Very nice poem. I have created a blog which has all information about bangalore. Starting from Educations to Fastfood, Pizza joints to Pubs and discs, Beauty Parlours to Pool joints and many more.


Vivek Sharma comments: on Mar 1 2007 9:26PM
delete this comment - block this userThanks media_lady, aashayein, ajit!

ajit: my name is Vivek, not Vikas:P

media_lady comments: on Mar 1 2007 6:43PM
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Makes you think :)

Good one.
Aashayein comments: on Mar 1 2007 1:00PM
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Good one ... questions seek answers - an unending quest ?

~ Aashayein
ajit bhide comments: on Mar 1 2007 12:46PM
delete this comment - block this usernice one vikas.... those who have been there will appreciate it...

Venusallure said...

I like the second stanza of it...lurks behind the same sentiment ind rops but equally different...very nice work

Vivek said...

more from sulekha

Julia Dutta comments: on Mar 5 2007 3:53AM
Extremely nice. Short and sweet!
anjana_jha comments: on Mar 5 2007 3:36AM
That was nice… liked it!
superficial comments: on Mar 5 2007 3:14AM

: ) HELL yeah !!
nice poem....
infact you just got me thinking on the word destiny and its origin..."destination"
destiny as on : the predetermined, usually inevitable or irresistible, course of events..... SO YEAH it makes so much sense.... it is destiny!!!!!

keyaa1 comments: on Mar 5 2007 2:57AM
Hi Vivek

This a nice poem
enjoyed it.

Keep writing

Muthu Sundararajan comments: on Mar 4 2007 11:31PM

a good one....keep it up

Vivek said...

more from

LakshmiGayathri comments: on Mar 4 2007 11:29PM
Hi Vivek
The poem is very nice.
Keep such poems coming...

vandana1982 comments: on Mar 4 2007 11:05PM
Hey ,Vivek I like all of your work be it poems, stories ,prose.........


ajit bhide comments: on Mar 4 2007 12:11AM
Profound apologies, Vivek!
Was speaking to a friend Vikas even as i was typing my comment.

Shekyerbooty comments: on Mar 3 2007 1:18AM

The year is now Two thousand and seven
It's easier far to stay alive
Just keep your mouth shut while the planes zoom and dive
Ten thousand miles over the ocean

Pound a Country to take its people

Back to Dark Ages, Siphon out their Oil

A decade ago the poor were

Skinny and the rich plump

Now all that is reversed

Food is cheaper mass marketed

Than ever before

And bad Junk food is cheapest of them all

So the Poor are obese and the rich fat cats

Now we mind our own business, and watch the TV
Complain about taxes, but pay anyway

In their dreams they stare at the family we dont love
All gutted and spattered with napalm, bombs

One fool talks abt some Puppy love here
Vivek Sharma comments: on Mar 2 2007 12:56PM
Thought provoking, you say dina:)?

Vandana, dina, maddss: I am glad you all liked it, though mother superior's comment went over my head.

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maddss123 comments: on Mar 2 2007 5:32AM
Yes sir! you are an inspires poet!!
mothersuperior comments: on Mar 2 2007 4:23AM
Pork Vindaloo made in Gods own Country now
Lovers and Madmen mumbo gumbo

Lines that seem meaningless to the others

Am told Wine from Nashik, comes from Kerala pigs,
Due to the Common Market, Kerala suddenly found,
Itself a powerful exporter, of pork products - big,

As a result, piles of pig shit, by the mound,
Country small, & blessed with fertile, marshy land,
Unable to descend, pigshit began to rise,
In the form of ammonia clouds, by the band

In Gods own country,

Soon, with pig-acid rain, people began to criticize,
The folks, as well as neighboring lands,
Fortunately, a solution was found,
Mountains were not allowed, to go to Mohammed,
Instead, turned into small grey pellets, by the pound,
And sold to wine farmers,
To fertilize their vineyards, year round

Wud you lend a hand with yr poetry as well??

vandana1982 comments: on Mar 1 2007 11:15PM
May the drops reach their destination and settle down in their shell and transform into a "PEARL"
dina dsz comments: on Mar 1 2007 10:41PM
Dear Vivek,
A thought-provoking poem, well composed.

Blue Athena said...

I like the imagery lots...of a droplet chasing/following the other off a window pane, with green hills watching in a distance...

Nice. :)

Proma said...

Why trajectories driven by some tension ? why not venture more boldly and bungee jump into the yet undiscovered ? Your words speak of helplessness. not just restlessness.

Vivek said...


Tension and gravity drive drops down the pane (the scientist in me studies drops, and therein lay inspiration for the words and the poem).

Is it always possible to jump headlong into a relationship? It is so in novels and movies but is it so in real life?

For once bitten, twice shy, it is a predicament beyond measure:) But thats another story for another day, a poem says what that moment chooses to say.