Sunday, April 15, 2007

Love packed in green duffel bag

When I left town, I packed your memoirs in a green duffel bag,
I intended to trash.
'Just do it' the bag said, and I agreed.

That was four years ago.
Your son wasn't born yet, though his father
had arrived to dazzle you with his French accent
and ability to concoct desserts
unknown to mankind.

My afterthoughts have determined that my case was lost
even before I first talked to you,
but by blaming him, my passions can slurp
my bitterness with relish.

Reminders loomed every month,
as dates associated with your birthday,
engagement, his birthday, your son's birthday,
your wedding date, anniversary of our first rendezvous,
our first kiss, that night of Kama, of passion,
our last meeting that had passed without an event,
and of details, that every holiday, every festival
had admitted in your name,
as dates, with their fangs and forks,
raked the dying embers of my lost cause.

I have a confession to make.
I am opening the bag today,
not because I wish to relive my memories.
My pursuit is unholy one,
for in those relics, I wish to find
my ability to love,
to love again.

So many words and feelings,
that sound cliched or my own,
have surfaced from her lips.
So many words, once my own,
seem to have so little effect.

A human heart stands like a mountain unfazed-
unfazed by whispering winds and wailing rain.
You were once a mountain, which I am now.
I am opening the bag today, to find
my ability to love,
to love again.


Vivek said...


supriyad comments: on Apr 16 2007 8:22AM
Hey Vivek.. starkly written.. and passion was written all over it! Top of the line! Loved it!
spk100 comments: on Apr 16 2007 5:22AM
Very good writing :)

I think you should have opened the bag long time ago, but still its not too late.

samyukthat comments: on Apr 15 2007 11:11PM

Beautiful......this is the first time I am seeing so much of depth in your poems (ok, fine! didnt read all of them).....but seriously very beautiful and I could relate to each and every feeling there.....

Vivek Sharma comments: on Apr 16 2007 9:37AM
thanks supriyad, sam, spk100,

For some reason, I always suspected that poem lacks the passion it was intended to evoke. But you guys put me at ease. Maybe more could be said with less, maybe it is the right length right now.

Vivek said...

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Buntys Banter comments: on Apr 17 2007 7:38AM
Dear Vivek,

I am opening the bag today, to find
my ability to love,
to love again.
This is fantastic stuff! Very sensitively written. I hope the duffel bag helped & you find that love again....
Vivek Sharma comments: on Apr 17 2007 7:03AM
Vandana: Thats rather presumptuous, don't you think?

Or maybe you are pointing out that the protagonist in the poem, does not reveal his first love story and the pain associated with it through whatever is written on the page?

vandana1982 comments: on Apr 17 2007 6:40AM
"my ability to love,
to love again."

what a joke..................

you don't know what love how can you love again?
you don't know the pain of a broken how can you love again?
you don't know what love is................................................

Vivek said...


Tue, 2007-04-17 14:32 — Vivek New
IW Boss

I agree with your comment to some extent, for I had kept this poem aside as something too sentimental, and perhaps not as evocative as I wanted it to be. I still want to express the idea somehow, and maybe I will deal with the subject again, in another poem.

I waited for a few days before responding as I wanted to see what other people felt. Some comments on sulekha indicate that it struck a chord somewhere. But well, as I said, I myself think that these feelings can be expressed better than this.

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Mon, 2007-04-16 08:29 — India Whining

Don’t feel disheartened by what I am going to say.. coz most likely the problem is with my jaded senses rather than your writing. Somehow , this one didn’t strike a chord (for me i.e.) Koi dil ko chu ne waali baat nahi lagi. But like I said, its me not you Whew

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Vivek said...

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Vivek Sharma comments: on Apr 17 2007 5:37PM
delete this comment - block this userWell Nargis, there might be nothing in the world which can be called Original Fiction, but I guess most of my writings come close to that description. I will still keep all the good wishes though, just in case.....

Thanks Bunty and rronny: to love and love again are two different things, aren't they?

rronnyy comments: on Apr 17 2007 2:28PM
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great blog, dude.
Nargis Natarajan comments: on Apr 17 2007 10:37AM
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WOW Vivek! That was some duffel bag indeed But with the sort of emotions that you've painted with your poetry, I'm surprised the bag was in tact for four whole years. Those feelings were so overwhelming and so powerfully packed with passion, I felt it should have exploded a long time back....since it didn't and since you decided to open it again, I'm sure the resurgence will be as explosive. Hope for a better ending though, so you don't have to pack any more such bags:-}
Btw........'Just do it' the bag said. .....was it a Nike bag by any chance?