Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Answer to What are you doing these days?

I am on the other side of your computer screen,
typing away the pages of thesis on my machine,
making sketches, plots, sense of scientific results,
and serving my findings in self congratulatory words.

I've been reading and translating poems by Thomas Lux,
and dabbling with gazal-numa shers, or Hindi-Urdu verse,
entertaining ideas that my English poems are worth something
and reading novels by Dickens, Forster, GB Shaw, Kushwant Singh.

Recently I've watched movies like Namesake, Grindhouse, Desperado
and been hearing Ravi Shankar, Mehdi Hassan, Rabbi reach crescendo
I recommend Riding solo on top of the world, Life of the Others, Love's Bitch
and Mediterano, Two sons of Fransisco, Like water for chocolate, Favella Rising.

Like my ping pong ball, from work to movies to poems to beer,
my life these days is full of all that, and yet nothing much dear.

:) (Well.... an impromptu response... its sonnet, if you wish to know)


wandering soul said...

Nice way to answer the question :)
looked like a spontaneous composition ...
does it come naturally or needs effort..
Life looks full to the brim ..
specially liked the last line,

My life these days is full of all that, and yet nothing much dear !

Aditi said...

Hey Vivek, loved your poems (especially Come Twilight). I am an author at Desicritics where I first read this story....hilarious! Loved how you started it off with the "Indian weavers and Chinese farmers reference" :D

I had an offer. Some of us have had a tag going around and having read some of your pieces I was wondering if you might have the time to be the next in line. The topic is "Indian Authors You Have Read Or Would Like To Read". So far Amrita Rajan, Jawahara and a few more Desicritics have been in line. Leave me a comment and lemme know if you'd be interested. My post is up on my blog under "Tagged! Indian Authors: Of Experiences & In Anticipation"


Aditi Nadkarni