Friday, June 01, 2007

A kiss, a kiss, a spicy dish

(From the poet of as bizarre verses as Unbearable Lightness, Tutti Frutti, Come lets in Wilderness Meet, Pad Thai Noodles, (and yikes!), comes another poem, this time on kiss, in a form that goes by the name of Triolet. The only variation I have put to it, is end rhyme is not the usual ABaAabAB (A repeats three times, B twice and 'a' and 'b' rhyme with 'A' and 'B'); but it is AA'aaAaaAA'. Since it is for practicing the form, I must have each line in similar meter, and I don't know if I succeeded in that.

A kiss, a kiss, a spicy dish -
homemade serving of Goan fish?
Hidden romance of familiar lips,
a kiss, a kiss, a spicy dish.
Gere to Shetty - the racial mix
unpalatable to desi audiences -
a kiss, a kiss, a spicy dish,
homemade serving of Goan fish.


Rajesh Dangi said...


kiss to the miss, rather miss
Gere to shilpa, the ratial bliss
kissing the miss, big brother to miss
burps bonepite the Goan fish!!

Blue Athena said...

Ah, to talk of kisses like this! :P

Nice. :)

vandana said...

hey! your poetry rocks, its excellent!!!!!!!!keep up the good work!!cheers!!