Monday, August 27, 2007

Googlies: Thinking of cricket: Intro

I watch and follow cricket more intently than anything on earth, including women, stock prices, experimental data, mathematical equations and poems. Hence I must contribute to the word of cricket by writing about it. I started my life as prose writer on internet with a comic take on how physics can be taught using cricket, but that was in 2002, and I have not written a word ever since.

I follow scorecards for Ranji, Irani, Deodhar tropies. Even the Ranji plate division, which features the second league teams, like Himachal Pradesh and Orissa who were the finalists this time. I follow under 16, under 19, A team and also the Challenger Trophy. So I have known Yuvraj, Kaif, Piyush Chawla, Pathan from the days when they won us matches between teenagers from all countries, and when teenagers from Pakistan fought battles with Indian teenagers. I also usually read up all the sense, nonsense, commentary, statistics, views, blogs written on cricinfo, bbc and rediff sites.

Essentially I wish to claim that I am a qualified professional, and I be taken seriously. As seriously as Sidhu for my views, and not necessarily for my one liners.

Since this is the first post of the series, I must start by paying tribute to Kumble, the player who I think deserves the biggest awards from Indian cricketers and media, for consistently showing how a fighter can win, irrespective of predictions and conditions. The latest in his series of feats is a century he made in his 118th Test Match, in 151st Innings.

Another player who has proved that mettle is the meat of a warrior is Saurav Ganguly. You may like him, dislike him, adore him, worship him or want him shot for his sheer Ganguliness: the haughty demenour, the pride in the stride, the off-side play, the inertia for taking quick singles, the medium pacers, the frustrating tendency to let himself be out done by a bowler or fielder, or the whole Chappel episode. You might think whatever of him at times, you must admit that the guy has the mettle. "Zazba" ज़ज्बा is the word from Hindi/Urdu. I wish we had more like him, without the stated flaws. Like every human being, a cricketer comes with his flaws; the greats rise in spite of them.

Lastly, India lost once again today. A few extra runs saved during fielding could have helped. But what was surprising was why Kartik came at first down, especially when Tendulkar fell early, Dravid was expected. Even if the surprise element of sending Karthik in place of Dravid or Yuvraj would have worked, I would have still demanded them to revert to the policy of having the most important batsman fight at position number 3. In a battle, the most important warriors must ride ahead.

More cricket will follow. Hope India plays to win the next game.

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Vivek.Sharma said...

from dud sea scrawls

Your prayer is accepted baalak!

I believe in butterfly effect; A rumor that you will create can ruin a President’s election campaign, for example.

Actually sitting in US leaves nearly no opportunity to discuss cricket. How I wish I could sit at tea-shops or dhabas in India and talk to random people how Chawla should mix Googly with the straight one to get Bells wicket or how Tendulkar’s stance needs to be tweaked to help him hit more sixes than fours!

We are a country of talkative people. I must voice my utterly useless opinion my friend, for no other reason except that I need to spell it out.

Btw Hey Indian Cricket team, are you reading this? I will soon post more for your sake Smiling:)Smiling

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Tue, 2007-08-28 03:03 — India Whining

Pray “God grant me the serenity to accept the things that I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom always to tell the difference, Amen” You are GOD!

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