Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Article: "Are brick and cement houses suitable for Himachal?" published in Divya Himachal

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Anonymous said...

On a related note - there are two other things that are taking place. One an observed happening and other's a hypothesis.

The incessant increase in construction activity has taken away most of the bigger stones that marked the ways in the rivulets and streams (before the government stepped in to ban such an activity, apparently). This has not only changed the face of these creeks one remembers from childhood, but also led to deepening of the waterbeds as well as increased the incidence of flash floods.

Another, my mind links up, is the pucca floors and the way of living leading to a heightened susceptibility to say problems like pain in joints etc.

Sadly, because one does not live there permanently (is a /pravasi/ as you note) - my own people have little patience for such 'drivel'. Am glad you took up the matter.