Sunday, January 18, 2009

Random thoughts (01-Jan:18 Jan 2009)

cannot copy-paste his new year resolutions of past seven years... wow, I did finish in 2008! :)

starts New year by walking two miles in -26 deg C (-15 F) & with a poem in Hindi newspaper, Divya Himachal... Happy New Year folks:)!

is chasing a dead line; and after the deadline begins the work ethic of a man of rhyme.

is interested in break-up, not too worried about breakthroughs (in research, I mean)!

ab be-car hun main, par be-bus nahin (finally, the legendary car was sold)!

Kavi hun, shayar nahin...


I finished reading Burmese days. The novel, written by Orwell, is set in colonial Burma/India and is a great recreation of colonial lifestyle of the British rulers and Indian people.

Also started reading Poor folk, Dostoevsky's first novel, and Forster's A Room With a View.

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