Sunday, March 29, 2009

America as a disputed territoy

The poem first appeared on 28 March 2009 @ (here), an online forum/magazine that encourages political pieces and writing for human rights. United States of America is such a wonderful nation, and for last century, she has inspired and cradled some of the best artists and scientists... We all need US of America to keep going. This verse is nearly two years old, and was written in Bush-Cheney era. Lets hope things change for better in Obama era.

(PS: In the following verse, America refers to USA, and not the continent; my apologies about using "America" to typify a nation or a notion, not necessarily representative of the continent America. Also I thank Bala for pointing this out; for ambiguity of such kind should be unacceptable to everyone belonging to the continent of America... But for the verse, American & America is used in its limited, slangy meaning. {Note added after a comment})

America as disputed territory

It is not politically correct to say it, but
the foreigners foresee a possibility
of America becoming a disputed territory.

Imagine those Indians, dead for centuries
rebirthing armed and angry
demanding their original property
and at gunpoint, asking for compensation
for their generations of depravity.

You might dismiss their fears
under charges of improbability
but they see the possibility
of America as a disputed territory.

Imagine the slaves, lynched to their graves,
returning able bodies, seeking a revolution,
rights listed in the constitution -
equality, liberty and retributions
to their lack of real opportunity.

You might think that racism is past
does not exist in your country
but when the foreigners see your reality
they, unbiased by propaganda machinery,
can smell in the future a possibility
of America becoming a disputed country.

What if millions in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan,
Palestine and South American hinterlands,
announce their own demands
decide to arrive as refugees
to their much hated country.

Immigration laws are defenseless
against swarms of locusts
arriving unexpected, unannounced
to feed on the harvest of others
without pang or guilt or sympathy;
they believe you've caused them to suffer terribly,
they could haunt you, or at least explore the possibility
of converting America into a disputed territory.

When oil will run out and dollar decay
owing to a stronger world economy,
when Saudi lenders will pinch you harder
for every Japanese byte of luxury,
when inflated GPAs will crash
under the feet of third world intellect,
when your cars, your weapons, your movies,
a reformed world will start to reject,
when Mexicans will refuse to bow down,
work for less for Americans,
when African dictators will be executed
and new democracies rouse new developments,
when China's industry, India's IT, Russian exports
will foster new fraternities, new Europes,
and even friendly nations will demand spoils,
ask for return of imperialistic colonies
if Jewish, Christian and Muslim zealots
chose this nation as center of conflict
and if in embattled economy
the victorious President turns socialist,

you will find yourself in strange calamity
your lifestyle, as you know it, will cease to be,
and even though this all seems unlikely,
and it may turn out to be all fallacy,
foreigners words (one poet's fancy ?)
or maybe they are just rephrasing
the recurrent lessons from human history -
the power center shifts recurrently.

It is not politically correct to state it,
but we foreigners hear the alarm bells,
and fear the possibility
of America becoming a war worn territory.


abhinav said...

Too many ifs

Vivek Sharma said...

I agree, its a bit iffy...

Bala said...

I guess you have to be born in America, the CONTINENT, to understand what it feels, to hear/read people speaking about "America" and realize that they're not referring to you, they're just ignoring your presence within the meaning of the continent you were born into. As if people would be speaking about "Asia" but completely ignoring India ...
Again, I think is something you'll never understand, for you open the post stating: "America is such a wonderful nation".
If that is you, a great & well educated dude ... what would come from the regular "American"?
Take care, man ... we shall meet for a beer soon.


Vivek Sharma said...

I suppose the only thing I can say here is that in American English, America seems to refer to US. Similarly, in American English Asian seems to mean Chinese (and Korean/Japanese), Indian means the original inhabitants of Americas, and so on.

I agree with your comment, so I will revise the opening statement, as well as be careful about not following misnomers...

(Plus we need to meet... more through phone/email)