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Elections in India, 2009: Vote for moderation and maturity?

Elections in India or Bhaarat present outcomes which require an analysis encompassing divergent rationals that co-exist in our bouquet society. Each state, each constituency decides in its own way. The reasons are emotional, historical, economic, caste-based, and rooted in aspirations as well as fascinations of voters. Hence cricketers, movie and TV-stars get elected, sons and granddaughters of erstwhile Rajahs win, political dynasties win and lose, and occasionally you find a maverick rookie like writer/diplomat Shashi Tharoor win. I was not in India to vote this time, but I waited for the outcome. Here are my thoughts, random thoughts of a chaotic being, which show that I love and hate all the political parties. Yet, I am Indian, optimism never deserts me, and this election gives me hope.

In this election, we see an economist, academician, soft-spoken, PhD, the erudite but restrained Manmohan Singh return to the Prime Minister's chair. The policies and practicies of the Congress and its allies have their flaws, yet it is the ability to nurture men who have depth and substance, that allows this grand old party to stay in power at national and state level. With Manmohan at the helm, and Rahul's much publicized role in the 'victory' in Uttar Pradesh, the Congress party promises the next generation of reforms as well as next generation of leadership.

While BJP provides mercurial leaders of its own, who boast of no dynasties or grand births, leaders like Advani and Atal Bihari Vajpayee outlive their productive years, before they find themselves as potential candidates for the country's most important post. I am amazed that they have not realized it yet that unless they have leaders who are well-established by the age of forty-five or so, groomed to lead the country before they cross the age of sixty-five or so, they will always appear to be lead by old, power hungry leaders. I have enormous respect for these leaders and yet I cannot understand what logic tells them that leading a nation like India must be trusted to an eighty-one year old. Age brings wisdom, but grand old age brings senility, or atleast health problems, spiritual crisis and so on. In any case, India has far too few voters above the age of fifty, and I cannot see the justification for keeping middle-aged, mature and sensible leaders away from ministerial berth to accomodate people who used to be cult figures, much before many the voters were even born. If you had only read my satire on age based reservation, you'd know how skewed the age distribution in India is right now. The age of the leaders is a significant problem, it is only one of many problems that plagues BJP's pursuit for power.

The most promising outcome of this election was the defeat of parties and leaders with a caste-based agenda. The so called saviors of a certain caste or religion put every effort of Indian democracy towards harmony and progress in danger. I really envision a moral code, enforced strictly, that prevents leaders from making pro- or anti- caste remarks. If inciting people in name of religion violates the code of conduct, I see no reason why a castist remark be left out of the purview of this code of conduct. While the reservation of certain seats itself identifies the canditates as belonging to a certain community, everywhere else, the mention of caste must be made crime punishable by law. There must be no room for candidatures that rely on caste, color, creed, birth, and yet, it is easier said than done. My liberal view tells me that we need not make any new rules, for in time, the farces, the fallacies, the fascists, will self-destruct. Yet, the danger posed by these forces is real and too imminent to be ignored. The erection of statues and memorials of living leaders at the expense of state treasury must be dealt with strict penalties on the responsible party, no matter how ludicruous the leader looks in this enterprise, the joke must not be staged on public money.

There are a few questions on which I do not agree with many of my friends and so called liberals. I think religion has a role in politics, and religion itself is not a demon. A personalized belief system protects the leader from various corrupting influences. A personalized belief system, like that of Mahatma Gandhi, when practized properly, also serves as the lighthouse for the others. Do we need to build temples at particular sites? I don't know, but we need to ask those interested to at least look after and care for the temples that already exist. I will trust their devotion more, if it is used in providing help where the need exists. Also, I want my Ram back, I want my Lord back, I want my Ram back. I want him clean of every stain the politicians have inflicted in his name. I also want to see Mathura cleaner, Nashik, Haridvar and Varanasi made into properly managed, maintained, cities of pilgrimage. The filth there shows that the corruption of our within has spread into every street and public place, even the places where Gods once lived. Also, I believe that if in certains ways, Hindus or certain castes, exploit others, democracy allows minorities to exploit the rifts in the majority to their advantage as well. The Hindutva issue is not misplaced, some anger is justified, and need to be addressed. It is about time that equality of religion and caste in eyes of law provide neither discrimination nor reverse-discrimination to any sect, faith, group, community. Voters must see to it; in my ideal world, they will.

If any party believes that locals are not able to find jobs, I want those parties to help in education and employment efforts. If any community thinks their language is being ignored, I want to see great literature emerge from the mouths or pens of those who know only to burn others and not the hate within. If any leader makes his life's aim to get justice for his people, let him start by empowering his people with opportunities for education and enlightenment. If any party wants to distribute free televisions, sell rice that exceptionaly low price, distribute funds to families of terrorists while not caring for the lifes of armymen or jawans, let the politicians of these parties sit out of elections. If a man has murdered, raped and killed, has a criminal background, let us not judge him too harshly, and allow him to stand in elections only after he has done twelve years of community work, and shown to himself, and society, that 'every sinner has a future, every saint has a past.' No shortcuts to redemption exist, and even if the voter faults once or twice, over democratic system has to be mature enough to keep the criminals and the corrupt at bay.

Did India or Bhaarat vote for moderation? Yes, but not everywhere. Did we vote for harmony and maturity in places where religious and caste agendas were defeated by progress bandwagon? Yes, not everywhere. Has Indian democracy matured? Not yet, not quite, but the journey, it seems has taught it a few lessons, and will teach it many more. We have a lot of issues to resolve, economic hardships, coupled with terrorism and Naxal movement, religious and regional rifts, compounded by the pervasive hydra of caste system. Let us gather all forces together, hope next five years take us to a better socio-politico-economic situation. Let us applaud the peaceful comepletion of another election. Eventhough it is hard to know what everyone among the seven hundred million voters thought, lets assume that we saw the victory of moderation, maturity, progress, erudition and harmony.


Vivek Sharma said...

Comments from Sulekha:

Annaswamy Natarajan posted 11 hrs ago


What an elaborate analyis! You certainly are a master of southern India politics!

While I am told that Mr MK and his family with all their enormous wealth, buy out their votes, the opposition JJ and her family are not any poorer, nor are they any less immoral when it comes to political machiavelism!

In spite of all the new rules by the election commission, there is a long road ahead to clean up the system of corruption, no doubt. As I heard, the largest number of criminals is in the BJP party, a religious party that swears by Lord Rama's name!

I, as well as you, know that democracy is a low and painful process and it would take the collective honesty and integrity of all people for the system to work well.

I do not think there is any easier or quicker way than this.

I certainly am happy that India would have a STABLE government without the black-mailing CPI in the coalition!

Also, the opposition will be a tough one this time.

I only hope that people start worrying about the bread and butter issues, developmental issues and such, than worrying about caste and religious issues.

If the INC realizes that it needs to have a TRULY SECULAR government, and not a pro-minority partial one, things will be a lot better. Let us see if this might happen!

As you know, I am not an active participant in the elections there.

Yet, my hope and wish are for a better and vibrant India, rid of all the tinsels and parasites.



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purefriendship posted 13 hrs ago

My dear Annaswamy Natarajan sir,

One more important snippets was the votes procured by DMDK which shows their capacity. Of the nearly 2.9 crore votes polled, the DMDK secured more than 30 lakh votes, about 10 per cent, bettering its 2006 Assembly elections performance.


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purefriendship posted 19 hrs ago

My dear Annaswamy Natarajan sir,

Thanks for the kind clarifications and it is true that this time Voters of Tamilnadu, in spite of Heavy polling %, prefered to nation's issues and the pattern of results ended up in a default of actual expectations. First when we look in to the % of polling it was one of the highest since 1984. The spoil sport by Vijaykant's DMDK spliting the votes came in handy for DMK's victory once again.

The Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam, led by Vijayakant, lost in all the 40 seats it contested. Though it did not finish second in any of the seats, it secured over one lakh votes in several constituencies. Without winning a single seat, the Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam (DMDK) headed by actor Vijayakant once again played the spoiler, polling more votes than the victory margin in many constituencies

In 24 of these contests, 13 won by the DMK front and 11 by the AIADMK front, the DMDK has secured more votes than the respective victory margins. He seemed to have successfully converted anti-incumbency sentiment into votes in his favour, depriving the main opposition the AIADMK front of the benefits.

The newly founded Gounder front Kongu Nadu Munnetra Kazhagam, which contested in 12 constituencies, secured more than a lakh votes in Pollachi and Coimbatore. It also secured a significant number of votes in Erode and Tiruppur.

These splited votes helped DMK to scrap through against others.

Union minister P.Chidambaram's won by 3354 votes margin after a recount, earlier he was declared as defeated candidate. Now this will be disputed in the court of law by the opposition AIADMk candidate P.S.Raja Kannapan. Some thing fishy here.

The 4 cornered contests in Tamilnadu (DMK led allaiance, AIADMK led alliance, DMDK and BJP) in all the 39 constituency resulted in favour of 27 seats to DMK front & 12 to AIADMK front.

The DMK’s allies are the Congress and the Dalit Panthers of India (DPI). The second front consists of the Marumalarchi Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (MDMK), the Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK), the Communist Party of India (Marxist) and the Communist Party of India (CPI), apart from the AIADMK. The BJP-led front also has the Akila India Samathuva Makkal Katchi led by actor Sarath Kumar, the Puthiya Tamizhagam and the Naadalum Makkal Katchi as its constituents.The DMK-led front’s strategy is to paint a broad national picture and attack the Third Front for its inability to project a prime ministerial candidate. At a public meeting at Katpadi in the Arakkonam constituency on April 21 to campaign for the DMK candidate S. Jagathratchagan, Tiruchi N. Siva, Rajya Sabha member of the DMK, said only seasoned politicians such as Karunanidhi and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh could protect India from “evil forces and religious fanatics”. Siva said: “We are sure who our prime ministerial candidate is. Can the Third Front tell us who its candidate is?”

Although the voters are aware of the perennial problem in the neighbourhood Sri Lanka.(.The killing of Tamil civilians by the Sri Lankan military bothered many voters and they were angry with the Government of India’s military assistance to the island’s army. They were also disenchanted with the DMK’s constantly shifting stand on the issue, still it took back seat from the attention of loyal DMK front workers. DMDK, PMK, MDMK & AIADMK took this as a main issue and fought the elections rather than projecting important issues.

Let us look in to the factors of how the results went in favour of Ruling DMK front:

*It was widely believed that DMK's poll managers had pumped in a lot of money to ensure a heavy turnout to ensure a DMK win.

* It is a clear victory for Money, muscle power and clout of dynastic rule.

* Systematic omission of genuine voters where ruling party felt it may vote against them were taken care with the connivance of officials prior to polls. The end results are the absence of innumerable names from the voters' list was a discordant feature of a day on polling day.

* There was a big conspiracy by the DMK supporters of Government Staff, say polling officers on the day of polling ended up with big fraud of bogus votes polling at the last hours of elections. There were also cases of genuine voters denied their votes as their names missing in the list For example in our Coimbatore itself one family having 6 votes living in their own house last 40 years, voting in all state, Lok sabha elections were unable to poll this time. We the residents took up the issue with the BDO & after 2 hours we made them to refer their additional pages and allowed those geniune votes later. Where as iin many of the cases it went unheeded.

* A glaring example is During Tamil Nadu Thirumangalam By-election, there were large scale misappropriation by Azhagiri, son of Tamil Nadu CM and DMK president. The pooling percentage was less than 60% till 4PM and in just 1 hour there were large scale bogus voting and misuse of official machinary and the polling percentage went up by 90%. If in a booth, if there are 1000 voters, how in just 1 hour, 300 people can vote? 5 Votes per minute was not possible, taking in to account of name/id verification, indeligble ink mark, signature/thumb impression, enablement of electronic voting machine and the voting. Not only that, Moneney, liqour, non veg food, sarees, dhoties, vessels were distributed to each and every voter and about Rs 10, 000 per family was spent. Even last night in this general election, there were large scale money/sarees and vessels distribution to each and every voter in entire Tamil Nadu by the ruling DMK and Congress and those were caught on camera. What the election commison is doing? Even if 500Rs per head, for 3 crore voters, it is just Rs 1500 crore, which is nothing for Karunanidhi's family, who were accused of looting more than 1 Lakh Crore Rs from 3G spectrum scandal alone.

* There were mass irregularites during the polling & Counting too...

For example: In a memorandum submitted to District Collector and Returning Officer K. Raghupathi, party candidate, Vaiko’s Chief Agent and district Communist Party of India (Marxist), S. Balasubramanian, said that victory deserved by Vaiko had been snatched in an “unjust” manner. Mr. Balasubramanian pointed out that there was a difference of 22,773 votes (including the valid postal votes) between the number of votes declared as polled on May 13 (7, 44, 880) and the number of votes (7,67,653) counted on Saturday.Stating that the number of votes in question (22,773) was higher than the margin (15,764) between the winning Congress candidate B. Manicka Tagore and Mr. Vaiko, he said that it was a “large-scale irregularity” and sought re-election in the Lok Sabha constituency.

* We voters in Coimbatore witnessed few shocking incidents at the day of polling when went to poll, we were standing in the Q at 7 am itself and have to wait till 8 stating that there were some problems in the EVM, where as we were shocked to see there were many sounds from EVM indicating the polling, how can the presiding officers allowed such voting before 7 am? lots of puzzles like this in various booths in Tamilnadu. There were few cases of malfunctioning of EVM, that is when we press a particular symbol it ended up with a ruling party symbol as voted. How can it be without the prior setting?

Overall it is frustrations and disgust for many of our citizens in Tamilnadu during the election result leaving impression of disbelief, later on replaced by a feeling of general helplessness and the crowd slowly dispersed by late afternoon to debate the results tp our dismay.

Glad that the oppertunist PMK found its Waterloo in all their 7 seats contested.

If one looks at the polling %, Votes in favour of DMK,Congress allies against votes garnered by all other parties (AIADMK, BIP, CPI, CPM, MMK, MDMK, DMDK, KMK & Splinter groups) it will be clear that DMK alliance would not have won so much seats in Tamilnadu if all other parties joined to fight as one. IIf we look at the results (For the ruling party votes are lesser when compared to against ruling party) it is a fractured one.

Many of the good candidates lost the elections due to multi cornered contests.


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Annaswamy Natarajan posted 22 hrs ago


I like to hear from you your analysis for the total annihilation of Vaiko's party, film star Vijayakant's party and a poor showing of MDMK (Anbumani's appaa katchi, if I am right).

Do they say something about the electorate, the overplay of LTTE issue etc.?

You certainly will have quite a bit to say on this subject.

I was surprised by the DMK's showing!



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purefriendship posted 24 hrs ago

My dear Vivek sharmaji,

Exhaustive reviews, introspective remarks, thoughtful pointers and balanced expectations seen from your lines of concern, ideology and reforms. Yes, we need more leaders with a nation's vision to achieve the near perfection roles to cater the society.

Politics and the public have a way of surprising pundits. While State identities and local issues and compelling personalities did play a role, the Lok Sabha election that has just concluded was underpinned by a national mood. What the Congress has won is not quite a national mandate — perhaps, even it wasn’t quite ready for it — but sometimes resembles it more closely than anything in a long, long time, certainly since the NDA victory of 1999.

This election results gave us 3 sets of winners: First, strong regional leaders who have given purposeful governance and are trusted by their people, seen as credible administrators or simply as good, well-meaning individuals have held on to their States. In some cases they represent local parties — Naveen Patnaik in Orissa and Nitish Kumar in Bihar. In some cases they are semi-autonomous entities within national parties — YS Rajashekhara Reddy (Congress) in Andhra Pradesh, Narendra Modi in Gujarat, BS Yeddyurappa in Karnataka and Raman Singh in Chhattisgarh (all three from the BJP). The common factor linking these chief ministers is that they dominate their State polities and tower over local rivals. This allows them the ability to resist national currents. All of them have reason to be satisfied with the verdict of May 16.

Second, the collapse of the so-called Third Front was largely a function of the Telugu Desam’s defeat in Andhra Pradesh and, even more, the Left Front’s implosion in West Bengal and Kerala. While the Kerala defeat was foretold — the State swings between Left and Congress led alliances and this time it was the latter’s turn — the magnitude of the reversal in West Bengal was astonishing. For the first time since 1977, the Congress-Trinamool Congress combine has reduced the Left Front to a minority. At various levels, the Left paid for its arrogance. Nationally Prakash Karat was too clever by half, fantasising that he would hold the veto in the next government. The Left’s serial blackmail of the UPA Government between 2004 and 2008 was a worrying precedent and this did cause some anger against the Marxists, which Karat failed to gauge. In West Bengal itself, the party thought it could dictate economic policy at will, reversing an anti-industry line it had itself articulated, without bothering to explain it to the people. This worked to the UPA’s advantage and gave the Congress more seats in its kitty.

Finally, the collapse of the Fourth Front in Bihar and its diminution in Uttar Pradesh made Lalu and Mulayam Yadav and Ram Vilas Paswan the other big losers of this election. Here, the benefits were shared by the NDA in Bihar and the Congress in Uttar Pradesh.

While these three trends are discernible immediately, they have not, as is apparent from the final tally, led to a fractured mandate and thrown up different winners and different parties in different States. Broadly, the sentiment has favoured the Congress.

Is this just a coincidence, an accident of geography or is there something else at work? It is here that the message the voter is sending needs to be interpreted. When offered an honest, credible option, he is voting for a national party, one that he feels has a larger vision and is not limited to single-issue identity politics or to the enrichment of one State satrap, his family and favourite businessmen.

The mind of the Muslim voter is a particularly important map. True, Muslims across the country are impossible to club into one composite entity. However, in West Bengal and in Uttar Pradesh, two States with sizeable Muslim populations, the community queued up in support of the Congress or its allies. For the BJP, the Congress’ success is both a hope and a warning. It is a cautionary tale because as the Congress recovers in north India, the party that it will directly damage will be the BJP. However, the Congress’ success can also be inspirational for the BJP.

Now we have a stable ruling coalition as well as a better organised oppostion in perfect numbers and this itself an important victory to democracy. No black mailers, no regional touts this time for UPA, hence let them handle the job with care. Keep the allies in check.

Concentrate on nation's developments rather than indulge in inept governance.


Vivek Sharma said...

Comments from desicritics:

May 16, 2009
10:05 PM

Very naive analysis........even without saying one good thing about the UPA I had forecast about 255 for need to draw such dramatic conclusions....

MBI Munshi
May 16, 2009
10:39 PM

I lost the main thread of the argument halfway through since it appeared to meander in many directions. Could I get a short summary of the actual argument of the piece?

Vivek Sharma
May 17, 2009
10:09 AM

@ MBI Munsi: The opinion piece begins with the statement: "Elections in India present outcomes which require an analysis encompassing divergent rationals that co-exist in our bouquet society".

@ Chandra: Maybe it is my naivete, or maybe what I say is obvious after I say it... The conclusions have a context, and as it often happens for such conclusions, the knowledge of contexts is necessary to appreciate what my analysis, arguments, thoughts (in spite of their flaws) are referring to. You might have known all along about everthing that happened, but I think it impossible for us mortals to know and predict future.

Anyways, I will still take both comments to mean that there are better ways of saying the things said in this piece, and will look for them.

MBI Munshi
May 17, 2009
10:29 AM

Now could you specify what the divergent rationals are in aid of or what they are trying to achieve and your conclusion on the matter. Do the rationals actually coexist and why do you describe India as a bouquet society? Those are two words I would not normally associate together when thinking of India.

Vivek Sharma
May 17, 2009
01:10 PM

MBI Munshi sahib,
Have you heard the poem/song "bela, gulab, juhi, champa, chameli/ phool hai anek kintu maala to ek hai"
Bela Gulab Juhi, Champa, Chameli/ Flowers are many, but Necklace is one.

I don't know if I want to say anything further than what I already said. Maybe Nehru's words will appear as strange to you (I had to dig these out from wikiquotes, and found I seem to echo the same thoughts, even though all I recalled from Nehru was "bundle of contradiction")

Nehru in The discovery of India �" "what have I discovered? It was presumptuous of me to imagine that I could unveil her and find out what she is today and what she was in the long past. Today she is four hundred million separate individual men and women, each differing from the other, each living in a private universe of thought and feeling. If this is so in the present, how much more so to grasp that multitudinous past of innumerable successions of human beings. Yet something has bound them together and binds them still. India is a geographical and economic entity, a cultural unity amidst diversity, a bundle of contradictions held together by strong but invisible threads. Overwhelmed again and again her spirit was never conquered, and today when she appears to be a plaything of a proud conqueror, she remains unsubdued and unconquered. About her there is the elusive quality of a legend of long ago; some enchantment seems to have held her mind. She is a myth and an idea, a dream and a vision, and yet very real and present and pervasive."

Vivek Sharma said...

More from sulekha

Vivek Sharma posted 1 day ago

Interesting and long responses, though I am not sure what is being said in comments.

I do agree that BJP needs to usher in a new generation of leaders, and Advaniji and Vajpayeeji made it the party it really is. I agree they took up causes of Hindus like Congress never did before, and by adopting an extremist stance, drew attention to issues which otherwise were ignored by government and society. Yet, BJP needs to formulate a policy, a plan that is inclusive in a classic Hindu, Sanatan sense. Simultaneously Congress needs to realize that if it gets support in name of moderation, progress, and a clean Prime Minister, it must not squander the opportunity.

Irrespective of which party rules our nation, we need to ensure that we act in good faith, with maturity and using our different paths or methods, help in spreading prosperity across various divisions that plague our society.

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Unnisa2009 posted 1 day ago

You are right, it is the congi-walas who play caste games giving caste based quotas to OBC throwing merit to the winds; worse, it is religion based also.

Still worse, they are denying legitimate power to those in BJP who represent the great majority by criminal manipulation of e-voting machine. Congi-walas dont lead but mislead you by deceit and denial abetted by media webs of mass deception!

I said 'Alas' when I got the election results! The evil secular regime of congress is to continue to the detriment of the 1 bil communal Indian citizens, one party rule is ready to do more secular evil:

The ruling party that grabs ppower illegally and anti-Indians supporitng it, are a bunch of secular criminals. Dont pay any heed. Listen to my voice! Election-2009 got me into these conclusions...

Criminals always win! Might is right!! MMS or DMK-Karuna are part of congi party alliance. Law of the jungle prevails in India where junglees dominate!!! It has essentially been 1-party rule ever since so-called Independence year!!! MMS is another anti-Indian dude running around as an expert economist ruining India and craeting more poverty in the process...

It is a criminal regime that allows too many islamic crimes on the civil society. If it is a socio-economic problem, why kill? Why sleep with islamic devils?? Why kill cops? Why target Hindus and Hindu political parties?

Reason: naxal/maoists are slaves of islamic criminals who are slaves of pakki/arab criminals!!

Ballot box is replaced by e-machine with congi chips! So, congi win is assured!

India is more diverse than USA but exclusivist evil regime of anti-Indians continue from May 2009 results... Criminals always win! Might is right!! Law of the jungle prevails in India where junglees dominate!!! It has essentially been 1-party rule ever since so-called Independence year!!!

Alas! The evil secular regime of congress is to continue to the detriment of the 1 bil communal Indian citizens, one party rule is ready to do more secular evil:
unleashing ugly conversion gangs, allow worsening of parallel hawala economy and tax evasion/corruption, allow naxal violence, target BJP for uglier murders, etc all with blessings of the godless commie slaves of islamic criminals...
We'll never allow BJP to form government: Left
NDTV Correspondent
Thursday, May 14, 2009 (New Delhi)

In what will come as good news for the Congress, sources in the Left have told NDTV that while they are still working towards a non-Congress, non-BJP government at the Centre, they will never allow the BJP to form the government.

The Left also said that it is exploring sitting in the Opposition as the last resort.
Meanwhile, sources in the Congress have said that the Left could allow minority Congress led government as an alternative the Bharatiya Janata Party. It is a criminal regime that allows too many islamic crimes on the civil society. See the case of KALAM who got a slap on the wrist for rape of a minor. Under this evil regime, this is the sort of justice, you will get:
"SC upholds conviction of rapist on child victim's testimony
New Delhi, Jun 15 2008 A minor rape victim's testimony is reliable and can be used for convicting an accused, the supreme court has said while upholding the punishment of ten years RI awarded to a six-year-old girl's rapist.

A bench of justices Arijit Pasayat and P.P Naolekar, however, reasoned that "ends of justice would be met" by reducing the sentence to five years.

A sessions court in bihar had earlier convicted and sentenced mohammad kalam to ten years RI and a fine of rs 500 for raping the minor under section 376 ipc (conviction for rape).

Kalam's appeal before the Patna High Court was dismissed following which he appealed in the apex court.

In the apex court, Kalam took the plea that the two subordinate courts had wrongly convicted him by relying upon the testimony of a child without further corroboration. He also claimed that the sentence imposed on him was too harsh.

It was pointed out that the victim, immediately after the rape, had told her mother about the incident and, therefore, her evidence is of considerable importance.

Kalam got a slap in the wrist for rape of a child..!! How cruel. Minority is secular and all HIndus are communal unless they
support secular crimes:
Sexual Abuse of Hindu Student - 'MINORITY' boys convicted
25/02/2009 14:41:02 Three convicted in SME ragging case PNS | Kottayam
Special Court judge K Sasidharan Nair of Kottayam on Wednesday pronounced guilty first three of the total nine accused in the case relating to the sexual abuse of a junior Nursing girl student at the School of Medical Education (SME) at Arupukkara. The punishment for the convicted trio would be announced on Thursday.

The court concluded that final-year nursing students Ranjith Varghese of Kollam, Sherin of Muvattupuzha and Shefeeq Yusuf from Athirampuzha. First, second and third accused respectively, had abused the girl sexually in the name of ragging. The crime was committed on October 21, 2005. The judge observed that the crime of the convicts included gang rape. The other six accused were acquitted for want of convincing evidence.

Legal experts said that the court had found the accused guilty under Sections 376 and 342 and the Act against ragging in colleges. They said the trio could be punished up to ten years in prison. They pointed out that ragging itself was seen by Judiciary as a horrible crime and the offense here included rape as well. The trial in the case had started on October 21, 2008, exactly three years since the day the crime was committed
Can we legalize morality and end barbaric behavior?!
No difference between 'fakistan' and their barbaric cousins left dumped on Indians in 1947:
Pakistan: 14 year old Kidnapped, raped and forcibly converted to islam

April 22, 2009by Infidelesto on · Comments

How dare anyone mentions Islam for these barbaric acts…oh wait, part of the story was that the victim was forced to convert to Islam. You can’t escape the truth…

Lahore, Pakistan: April 21, 2009. (PCP report) A Christian underage girl named Shah Taj14; resident of Jut Colony Samanabad Lahore has been sexually abused and forcibly converted to Islam after being kidnapped by Muslim men. Criminal case has been registered vide First Information Report (FIR) No. 68 dated 21-02-2009, offense under section 496/A with Police Station Milat Park Lahore. Shah Taj has recovered from the custody of kidnappers; two of three culprits have been arrested and sent to the jail while one is still at large.[...]

Shah Taj’s Statement is on second number among her siblings. She told SLMP about all what happened to her. She said, “I read in class 8th in Cathedral School II. On December 5, 2008 I got ready, in the morning, to go to my school. I was standing on bus stop, waiting for rickshaw. In the mean time three Muslims named Talat Rizwan, Mekael But and Faisal Butt came to me on a car. They all were armed with deadly weapons. They pushed me into car and took me in a hotel. There one of them named Mikael raped me. Afterwards they took my thumb impressions and signature on blank papers on gun point. I tried to make noise but they pointed gun on me and threatened me that they will kill my father in jail and my school going younger brother if I make the noise.”

She further told that her mother managed to recover her with the assistance of police after about one month. When police took legal action against the culprits they produced certificate of embracing Islam and marriage certificate of Shah Taj with Mikael.
If you have a daughter, wont you be worried?
Over 50 persons go missing every day in the city
Surendra Gangan
Thursday, May 7, 2009 3:46 IST

Mumbai: It is perhaps one of the most feared nightmares of any person: to have a family member go missing in this vast city of 15 million souls. Yet more than 50 persons go missing every day -- double the number that used to be 10 years ago. According to police records, 20,396 persons went missing in 2008 compared to 7,726 in 1999.

The tragic aspect is that the maximum of those who go missing are adolescents and youths in the 15-25 age group, and that within this age group of missing persons, girls are in a majority.

The good news is that of the missing persons, 85% of them are found later on; but the percentage of persons found is lowest in the age group of 40 years and above. The number of persons not found in due course has gone up and to 2,590 in 2008, compared to 1,018 in 1999.

The list of missing persons in the last 10 years was gleaned by Chetan Kothari, an activist, who sought the information from the Mumbai police via a Right-to-Information plea.

The biggest worry is the 15 to 25 age group. Not only does it have the highest number of missing person, the number going missing has gone up more steeply, having tripled to 9,213 in 2008 as compared to 3,229 in 1999.

In this age group, more females go missing than males. In 2008, the number of girls/women missing stood at 5,794 in the age group.
If you go to "Proud Hindu" 's comments, you might know that naxal crimes are based partly on congress driven violence. If naxal have socio-economic grievance, why kill? Why they sleep with Islamic criminals?? Why kill cops? Why target Hindus and Hindu political parties? Reason: naxal/maoists are henchmen of Islamic criminals who are slaves of pakki/arab criminals!!

This is what I tell any muslim:
You and I cant complain. We came here on our own.The H'vadis or fast peaking Mr Modi didnt force us to settle here. If we dont like it, we must leave.

It is their country not ours to mess up. We have messed up enough per the dalit/Harijan Ram Sahay.

The crime rate is high b/c of the Islamic population that is getting away with murder, rape and sexual slavery - you name it, we do it. Parsees used to be ok; now they are also into this hate mongering too biting the hand that fed them.

Conclusion: No need for elections! It is always manipulated and rigged by Election Commission, the agents of the evil regime and its minions. Criminals always win. Might is right. Law of the jungle prevails in India where junglees dominate. It has essentially been one party rule ever since so-called Independence year.

It is intended to keep the stranglehold of the colonial excerement on the necks of the indigent natives left abandoned by the In'tl Community with the heacy social, economic and criminal burden of more than 150 mil islamic savagely violent militants on the Civil Society of India called as Hindustan by Churchill and Nehru in naming many of the heavy industries like Hindustan Lever for local Unilever Corporation of UK..

The level of poverty is horrendous - fully 70% of the great majority of the populaiotn are rpoor or very poor since only 200 mil are in the middle class - so impoverished because of colonial plundering and neo-colonial looting. Temple funds go to Haj pilgrims, govt funds go to defense purchase of third rate junk form Israel, Russia..etc at exhorbitant costs in arms race with the pakki nazi industraial complex of fakistan where military controls everything, and in supporting the heavy islamic remannts left dumped on Indians - view this in the context of the extra visa fee proposed in UK for social and police costs for even the students.

The level of social, economic, cultural and political crimes is egregious and hideous. The social crimes are seen in the form of rapes, kidnapping and forced conversions of the often teen aged women.
Economic crimes is seen in burqahed women stealing from jewelry shops, and in land grabs and job quotas, political ones are seen in targeted murder of BJP/RSS civil rights volunteers.

All you need is a dozen islamists with a criminal mind-set and a large segment of the locals servicing that hateful ideology to produce the drama seen on 26th November. It is not a pretty pic at all. That they have a criminal mind-set is pretty evident from the street savagery for
A. Saddam's hanging or
B. Rev Falwell's remarks
C. Danish Cartoons
D. Turkish caliphate in the 1920's

all events totally unrelated to any of your Indian patriotic leaders like Mr Modi or Mr Raj Thakeray and indeed to any of the one bil Indians!!

That this sort of on-going savagery - on-going for the last 1000+60 years is cheered on by bizarre Christians bedding with these devils is even more alarming, dont you agree?

It is not unlike the hypothetical situation where the muslim immigrants of South Africa kill the black natives in evil nexus with the apartheid white christian racists there. It is not happening because these christians have become civilized. So, no one continues to kill the blacks long after Independence unlike in India where both Christians and muslims are in nexus in targeted murder of BJP/RSS volunteers and other innocent civilians year after year, century after century.. and then the Christians go down on their knees to beg for free handouts for the criminal muslims.
College students Salman Khan and Harish Aiyya Donkulla who were arrested by Powai police for stealing car logos
Stolen car logos have always fetched a hefty price in the city’s chor bazaars. And understandably, very few were surprised when the city witnessed a fresh spate of such robberies around eight months ago. But now, the Powai police have made a breakthrough.

In the wee hours of Wednesday, cops nabbed two college students stealing a Mercedes logo from a car in Hiranandani Complex, Powai.

The officials now hope to trace the kingpins of the racket through these eighteen-year-olds.

When interrogated, the students - identified as Salman Khan and Harish Kumar Aiyya Donkulla - confessed that they sold the stolen logos for Rs 400 per piece to a buyer in Kurla.

More islamic terror from many islamic criminal outfits:
the same gangs in Anjuman-e-Islam,Tamil Nadu Muslim Munnetra Kazhagam (TMMK),
the Jamiat-ul-Mominath Al Kanoon Kerala'

Tabligh-e-Jamat, Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT), Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) might be

implicated in the following high profile crimes too-

All of the above are communist or leftist organizations. DYFI is, in fact, the

youth wing of the Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M).
"....The grassroots organizations that AID says it is working with in the

relief efforts include: Peoples Health Movement (PHM), Tamil Nadu Science Forum

(TNSF), Pondicherry Science Forum (PSF), Andhra Pradesh Vyavasaya Vritidarula

Union (APVVU), the Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI) and the Student

Federation of India (SFI).
It is the islamic nature to commit crimes and it is Indian nature to tolerate crimes. Who is human and who is not? Is it human nature to get beaten all the time? Isnt that saintly?? How long and how far, you will turn the other cheek?

Regarding this election, let me say this again-
Criminals always win! Might is right!! Law of the jungle prevails in India where junglees dominate!!! It has essentially been 1-part rule ever since so-called Independence year!!!

It is a criminal regime that allows too many islamic crimes on the civil society.
All we need is publication of this and other expose's from SAM HARRIS, and other atheists who have been requesting a torrent of criticism and not kowtowing to the islamic criminals. I am sure another 5 years of this evil regime gives us all chill down our spine... Only solution is to boycott islamic and christian business including western products- FORD CARS, HORLICKS, .etc.

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vedicswami posted 1 day ago

For those gloating about the defeat of BJP

This is FYI

This was known to BJP leaders long time back as K N RAO is close to BJP leadership and Dr Murli Manohar Joshi daughter is a disciple of Shri K N RAO.

So I laugh as i knew that congress would come back. Why something called destiny is there and it is working to make India great. What is there in future only few can see?

What so called Secularist cannot see is that the two party formation is coming into being.

Time is a great changer and the next phase will start soon.

Do you see the loss of Mulayam andLaloo in UP and Bihar and Mayavati is also in problems.

This is what I was saying for a long time. A future which I see about India .In India a caste less society

is forming. A Hindu society . Mark my words a HINDU society

A HINDU society and well the next phase will also start soon. Give this five years and well the next generation will learn more about Islam just as I did and do you think we will ever l vote for any government which supports Muslims or give preferential treatment to Islam .No..So wait and see...time is moving forward.

Just don’t gloat. It still zaps me that one guy who made RSS did it all alone and one single guy whose idea lead to BJP ruling India for 7 years.. after 60 years.

Those who oppose the idea don’t discount the idea..many have joined the idea and it is a well known fact in India that middle class supports BJP. The thinking class of India supports BJP.

The main divide is that BJP supporters need to get out of the upper caste thinking mode and understand that every Indian is a HINDU and is not OBC or SC ST and this is happening and take the thinking and what is the history of India to poor people of India and yes work towards the development of India.

Will this defeat help to take the corrective actions .I think so as after the 2004 elections BJP main election platform is Development and they also need to know that What BJP stand for is now known to everyone. Just they don’t need to repeat it .It is a known fact .Just work on development and rest people will take care.

A new leadership of BJP will take over and they will spend the time in learning for next five years..The formative years and in which the BJP will learn its lessons and also raise the next level of carder..

Destiny..Destiny..Sometimes the bad times are not really bad...

Till next time

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