Monday, August 31, 2009

On print version of my first book Saga of a Crumpled Piece of Paper

I am holding the advance print copy of my first book, Saga of a Crumpled Piece of Paper (63 poems, English, Writers Workshop, Calcutta), and I can barely see the words or turn the pages!


parikrama said...

Congrats Vivek babu.. How about handing out a free magnifying glass with each copy :)

Good luck with your pintsized debut collection..

parikrama said...

Excuse the stupid comment. Now I realize that you must be too overwhelmed with emotions upon seeing your first book. That's the reason why you could barely see :)

Mujhe galatfehmi hui ki Kitaab ki choti size ke kaaran aapko padhne me dikkat hui.. ( the pic with the pen next to the book.. putting the size in perspective, sent me on the wrong track )