Sunday, April 24, 2011

Lexicon of the God

Who devised us, our cultures of pretence?
The God of illusions, or the illusion of the God?

You expect mercy: why wouldn't they lynch you?
Who carry on a cross, the Son of the God!

Poet is a prophet, first draft satanic verses,
By rewriting he receives, the lesson of the God.

A Hindu picks his river, each river a different path,
Rivers fork, join, fork, into one ocean of the God.

Crusades, Jihads, ethnic cleansing, conversions,
Is it homicide that keeps alive, the notion of the God?

Prophet spoke Arabic, Rama Sanskrit, Jesus Aramic,
Do Urdu, Hindi, English words exist, in the lexicon of the God?

First thunder, fire, sun, then warriors, incarnations,
Why, what scares us, becomes the representation of the God?

Eternal, infinite, formless, all-knowing, all-powerful
Isn't absolutely abstract, our conception of the God?

Each age is organized, about new paradigms of belief,
Vivek wonders, who'll organize, the newest nation of the God.


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