Thursday, January 26, 2012

Naked Translated World

Your body flows over mine, like the Ganga over the Himalayas.
Your splash against the roots of my precepts,
and erode my pristine ego, to have your own way.

The vistas of your flesh are like the fields of freshly harvested corn.
The remnant stalks curse my every step,
and when I tread over you, I move, as if, on a maze of thorns.

As I bite, every apple in your tissue moans.
My hunger hunts for the exotic animals
that run wild in your voluptuous terrains.

You urge me on like Krishna, rousing,
driving me to battles where the Pandavas of desire
chase the Kauravas of custom into endless duels.

Your bones turn into embers. I encounter a fire
that smolders me. Your embraced body
crumbles like ash. I wake up anointed by your smell.

Naked, you are like acres of sarson blossoms on the banks of Beas.
Naked, you are like Santoor symphonies motioned by Sharma's caresses.
Naked, you are like Leh and Spiti, valleys and hills, raw beauty, untouched.

Notes: * Pandavas and Kaurava’s were the brothers at war in the epic Mahabharata. Krishna was an avatar of Vishnu. In Bhagavada Gita, he explains the importance of action (karma) and duty (dharma) to Arjuna (one of the Pandavas). By doing to, he motivates Arjuna to go to the war, and do his duty, even it involves the death of his own kin, friends and teachers. Sarson refers to mustard flowers,  Beas is a river in Punjab. Shiv Kumar Sharma plays the instrument Santoor.

First published in Nefarious Ballerina (Print edition).

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