Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Remembering Somebody!

I love it. The way you chew
The gum. Drooling occasionally
It makes you look cool. Supposedly.
Your tan is great, sexy and dark
And I absolutely love your swims
As your shinky skin spread over stream
Shimmers in the delicate sunlight. Awesome!
Your soft calls, oh! I understand them
So well, after all these years, I do
I really, truly, surely understand them
Your soft calls are voices of need
To them I surely ought to pay some heed
And yet you always seem to find
The grass is greener on the other side
My dear buffalo, I am surely amazed
How shallow you are, how you lack any pride!

May 10, 11 pm

Q1 What were you thinking while reading first 12 lines?
Q2 Who were you thinking about?
Q3 Does reading again help:)?

Ah! It was so much fun writing this one:)!


buckwaasur said...

i was wondering about what the twist could be the while first 12 lines...i was wondering about ur sexual orientation the last 2 makes me wonder some more...:-P

Vivek said...

Buck:) lollz!! I was aching to read ur comments on this one;)!

Disclimer: My experiments in writing are in no way connected to my love life or the real life of my friends:P:)~~!

bleu said...

sorry I admit I to reading the question first. So I kept thinking 'is this the 12th line?' or ... 'is it the next one?'.

I am not good at keeping count, you see.

bleu said...

I am writing my thoughts as they change ...

water buffalo?
the writer is the milk man!

well I was right. I guess.

SeaSwallowMe said...

LOL, vivek :))

the first line and a half had me going "hmmm .. some more psenti verse" ... but i stopped dead in my tracks when i read ".... Drooling occasionally ... ".

hard to think of any romantic scenario (the human ones at least, who know the secrets behind bovine turn-ons ? :-P) that involved drooling. so i soldiered on. i was thinking animals too, but i had a hippo in mind. :)

DhotiCladMen said...

Some Indian women are really like "Bhains"-the water buffaloes.
What the heck? Some even confuse their obesity to a sign of prosperity and are proud to display it. Wonderful indian costume called Sari and Bindi makes the miracle of feeling beautiful possible to any "ugly and shabby woman" by any self-determined standards, leave alone other's standards.

I would love to watch reaction of indian women to my comment. Throw as many brick bats as possible. Batting in full speed. all hits will be out of boundary.

Vivek said...

La louve comments:
on May 12 2005 2:18PM delete this comment block this user
Lol @ Ellis! Same here... the dark thing set me wondering... started thinking you meant some mermaid and then of an orca or... but not the bufalo..

Ellis Bell comments:
on May 11 2005 7:33PM delete this comment block this user
Drooling sounded odd....put me on guard. The dark skin made me suspicious....being raised in the world of fair and (is) lovely..yet never the one to rule out possiblities..thought this still might not be a prank...and inspite of caution, the end was a smacking (-my-forhead-) surprise! Buffallo!!! Ha! My limited intelligence didn't think of That!!

cybercitizen comments:
on May 11 2005 11:33AM delete this comment block this user
Ummm....sorry to disappoint you buddy....but the first TWO lines give the ending away....

Chew?? Cud???

One really doesn't have to read the whole thing to know that you're talking about a cow (or a buffalo in this case)! I personally never met a girl who chewed cud....although I CAN remember one chewing on some other stuff...and that was very painful.....

But I digress......