Thursday, May 05, 2005

When you hold my hand!

When you hold my hand, my sweetness
The gentle warmth of your blood
Trickles through my veins
And fills my heart with love
That shall pulsate in it forever!

When you hold my hand, my precious
And touch it softly with your lips
The moist stamp of emotion
Dries, leaving a cool fragrance
That fills my world with happiness!

Monday, May 2, 2005!
(This is what I was thinking while I was supposed to be struggling with a nasty take home exam!!:) I guess we all are reminded of our Gods and demons during our exams:)!!


Gentle Sunshine said...

Please also send us the poem u write when u get ur exam result.


Chay said...

Uff Vivs...
If this is how u write while studying, I can only imagine how that novel in verse might be!! simply...sweet!! :-))))
And you say you not in love!! I dont believe you anymore!!

yet another1 said...

hey vivek, have been enjoying ur poems - i hope u study further ;)

Nithya Swaminathan said...

Considering the quality of writing u produce when under exam stress, I wish u be flooded with more of those take home exams..:) or any other variety of exam too..:) So that we get some nice poems to read..;-)

buckwaasur said...

nice one dude...:-)

El enigma said...

nice, Vivek :)

lol@ chay for not believing his state of love ;) u gotto do better (or worse ;) than this to prove it to her, Vivek!


Rajesh said...
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Rajesh said...

Vivek, do well in exams and be well.

- Raja

Chirp Chirp said...

Once upon a time there was a King who never gave even a dime to anyone as charity. One day he wenton travel. On his way, he rested under tree. He saw a bird feeding some one on the tree and got curious to see if there are any chicks in there. When he went up the tree, he saw that small bird was feeding a blind snake which would as well gobble him up. King felt ashamed of himself. Such small vulnerbale bird had so much Mercy in its heart for its own predator. He understood Life is not about peserving his own life. Life is about preserving the life of anyone including its predator. King realised, that small bird is not doing that out of altruism but it is respecting some fundamental principle which governs everyone's life. It was trying as much as it can to keep that snake alive, even at the cost of its own life. That is not Love. That is not Altruism. That is not madness. That is called Love for Creator by showing respect to those who have been created.

If she shook hands with you, She did it out of respect for the created or may be perhaps to sense the turbulence of his soul, like Doctors test the pulse of patients to understand the problem. Nothing beyond that. Therefore do not live udner illusions. She respects you and that is it.

Vivek said...

miss_priyanka_gupta comments:
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Now this is called a wild imagination!!

EGGZAMS And a poem on Beloved holding hand & all emotions. Great going buddy. Keep it up! :) Loved it.

Cheers Priyanka

Asha B.A comments:
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hi budding poet...

chayalife comments:
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err...err....I....Oh never mind!!!