Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sapphire earrings

In the sapphire of your earrings
the cost of my this evening,
sparkles like a canto of conscience.

I've bought your smiles at bargains
that rob my nights of honest sleep
and twitch eyebrows, I'd rather not see.

These notes in your lies amuse me;
peering at me through white wine,
your caricature appears dismal, distant.

After tonight, I will part with your sheets.
But today, I'll dip my tongue in the pallette
of fiery hues; pay homage to sappire earrings.


Vivek said...


By bilbobaggins on Sun, 2006-11-19 22:10

my this evening?!!

with thanksgiving coming around, I must say this. Every time you post somthing, I rush to just to check that what I am thinking about a word is correct. So thanks a bunch.

this time I checked for canto. I knew it was part of a poem . So did u mean it like it that. or is “canto of conscience” there cus it sounds good. ( as a phrase it does, but not the way it is placed in the poem) .

Just wondering .
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meaning of canto
By Vivek on Mon, 2006-11-20 00:05

… in songs canto is like chorus…. and hence canto is like a repeated line in a poem… and if its our conscience…. canto of conscience could refer to that refrain that resonates in ur head…

now the reason it jars is the reason why I wanted it there… something that sparkles… visual sense… causes canto of conscience… hearing/wordy sentiment…. (and as per ur suggestion, I went and checked myself:)… we are so full of words, hai na?)

We may dislike the metaphor, and maybe the meaning of the word as is used here is more for the secondary meaning it has…. I’ll keep this in mind while revising though:) Usually words that stick out are either a brilliant usage, or a mistaken usage: I am myself in doubt about many choices I make.

As always bilbo, I love your love of words and their connotations. Thats bread and butter of us poets, and you always be my guiding light:)
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Just to carry forward that discussion
By bilbobaggins on Mon, 2006-11-20 00:53

If you meant it to sparkle in a visual sense, why have the word sparkle before it. thats overkill. don’t you think. Also, I may have mentioned it before, but, the aim of any creative effort should be to nudge the reader into a direction , not point out the alley or road he is meant to take. So show, don’t tell.

As for canto, dictionary com suggests it is the main or significant part of a bigger poem. So dante’s inferno would be a canto of his bigger poem abt hell and perdition ( divine comedy)

Chorus or refrain does not really do justice to a word as elegant as canto.

As an aside, this is good fun , early in the morning. So, thanks again .
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"Can'to" of canto
By Vivek on Mon, 2006-11-20 03:37

We both can afford some brevity by assuming we are thankful for the existence of each other:) (So henceforth, thou shall be required to assume that they (my thanks) are accompanying my posts)

Perhaps chorus is not the word I should have used, canto (of poetry) is significant part of a poem while in music, it is, in words of for example, “the highest part (usually the melody) in a piece of choral music.”

“sparkles like a canto of conscience” is an odd phrase, and I seem to be captivated by it, atleast tonight:) But I have been thinking about it, and will tell you if my rapture ends in rupture of the phrase.
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Vivek said...


denice _menace comments: on Nov 19 2006 11:38PM
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okie but furst gimme those earrings

Vivek Sharma comments: on Nov 20 2006 8:21AM
delete this comment - block this userThats too much to ask ;)
and too much for me to afford ;)

scrivener comments: on Dec 4 2006 3:41AM
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Vivek Sharma comments: on Dec 4 2006 5:36PM
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Rajesh Dangi said...

beautiful words!! nice feeling!!