Saturday, September 08, 2007

Googlies: Darr, defeat, history at Lord's

India won the test series, England won the one day series. "Hisaab barabar" Accounts closed.

When England were about to win in Lord's last month, rains helped. Today even rain God was away, watching either the Rugby World Cup or maybe US Open. Ganguly was made to look silly, Uthappa and Yuvraj were contained nicely, Dhoni ran out of partners and Gambhir wasn't third time lucky. But in the end I think it was Dar, as Indians you might think I am talking of darr i. e. fear, and that could be correct to some extent, but it was the umpire Dar whose one finger rose and killed Dravid and Tendulkar.

What is a batsman in front of an umpire? An errant ant on a page, that can be finished by an index finger. As England captain said, to err is human. I guess he wanted us to be ok with the errors, and adopt the policy of forgiving as divine. But the real rule is "To err is human, to forgive divine, and to err again and again, just shows the errant is asinine." How I wish the same errors had repeated when Pieterson and Collingwood were batting.

I am not too disappointed by the outcome though. We were 3-1 down, and 6-1 could have been possible. Thankfully Flintoff turned a lame duck at the right moment, and Tendulkar and Ganguly put their hundred run partnerships, Yuvraj, Gambhir and Uthappa fired at the right moments. We cannot have have a 2002 Natwest like win at Lord's always.

If you ask me great thing about the one day series was how Piyush got Pieterson out more than once for cheap. Uthappa's quickfire assault in second last One day. Yuvraj's hitting in more than one match and how Dimitri handled him during five sixes climax. The greatest moment of the tour: when Kumble hit a four to get his century. Kumble, after 118 test matched and in his 115th innings, plays like a top order batsman to come really close to a well deserved hundred. He has bowled in tighest of situations before, he has all the experience and expertise an Indian can have in handling pressure. He is well set. Out jumps Kumble, with determination to hit the ball out. The bat makes contact with the ball, and takes an inside edge, misses the stumps, misses the keeper and runs to the rope. Kumble, in those few minutes must have said, "Shit! Miss! Shit! Yaaaaaay!" When he raised his bat for applause, he appeared at once human and divine. Here to him, lets raise our hands and clap him out of what could be his last tour of England as a cricketer. I am sure Ganguly, Dravid and Tendulkar will be there another once. Lets give our greatest bowler the applause and recognition he deserves. To you, Anil! Our greatest Googlies came from you:)

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