Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Anthology of published works (English)

  1. Poetry (Dec 2007): “Letter to the Editor” Read here 
  2. The Cortland Review (Feb 2008): “Your Face” * Read or listen here 
  3. New Verse News: “Half-Happy with India Turning into a Trillion Dollar Economy” (Nominated for Pushcart Prize) Read here; “Mumbai Burns” and “Beaten but not Bruised”
  4. Atlanta Review (Spring 2009): “Maghi Tyohaar: The Goat Festival” ** (Reposted here)
  5. Kartika Review (Summer 2009): “Coke Story” ** (Read here)
  6. Bateau (Spring 2009): “My Verses” *
  7. The Cortland Review (2009) Read or listen: “Breadwinner” **
  8. Nilab (July 2010): “Introspective Desi” ** (Reposted here)
  9. Mythium (Summer 2011): “Twenty-first Century Incarnation of the Snake God” **, “Lotuses of Misquotes”, “Vedanta” **, “Flotsam”, “You’re a Festival”
  10. Nefarious Bellarina (Fall 2010 & Spring 2011): “Naked Translated World”, “Punjabi English”, “Bottoms-up Girl”(Read here)  and “Devout your Lips”* (Read here)
  11. Poets for Living Waters (Fall 2010): “Missive to Ancestors” * and “I must”.* (Read here)
  12. Breakwater Review (Fall 2010): “Fatherless” ** (Read at my blogsite)
  13. Mastodon Dentist (Fall 2010): “Choicest Wife for a North Indian Son” (Reposted here)
  14. Muse India (March 2011): Commit to Amnesia my Name*, 1990**, Eclipsing the myths and discovering America**,  Saffron, Gifted Loneliness*, Dinkar’s Fist and Lexicon of God*. (Read at Muse India)
  15. A Handful of Dust (June 2011): “Explosive Droplets” (Read here as a repost)

    The Whirlwind Review (August 2011): “A Biography, Scripted by Astrologers” (Read here as a repost)

  1. *Ghazal in English (9)
  2. ** Village poems (9)

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